October 2004

For many journalist, and in particular, freelance photographers …..Copyright Grabs have become a standard feature of so many clients contracts. They are a ‘try-on’. These links describe the issue, and some, like the NUJ, RedEye and EP-UK suggest ways of combating such requests.

I hope others, who find themselves in a similar situation [freelance photographers] find them interesting and of some use.

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48)



The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003 – Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 2498


NUJ Freelance Newsletter


NUJ Ten things every freelance should know on copyright:


Editorial Photographers UK – EP-UKTrading under the new copyright legislation


Response to Copyright Grab Attempts…





Redeye Copyright advice and information


Intellectual Property – UK gov advice


The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd (CLA)


Creators’ Rights Alliance




Yorkshire Media: Photographic Copyright and Licensing Explained



I am watching this series on BBCfour this week.

In this first ever television history of disbelief, Jonathan Miller leads viewers on a personal journey exploring the origins of his own lack of belief and uncovering the hidden story of atheism.


and I think it splendid.

I find some quotes from Dr Miller’s case, quite compelling. Foremost of which is the Epicurean paradox

On Atheism

“If God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another.”

Epicurus [341 BC-271 BC]

“Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.”

Epicurus [341 BC-271 BC]

Epicurean paradox posits that:

If God exists, then he is all-powerful.

If God exists, then he is good.

If God is all-powerful and good, then there would be no evil.

There is evil.

Therefore God does not exist.

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?

Then he is impotent.

Is he able, but not willing?

Then he is malevolent.

Is he both able and willing?

Whence then is evil?

Epicurus [341 BC-271 BC]

I do not pretend to be able to prove that there is no God. I equally cannot prove that Satan is a fiction. The Christian god may exist; so may the gods of Olympus, or of ancient Egypt, or of Babylon. But no one of these hypotheses is more probable than any other: they lie outside the region of even probable knowledge, and therefore there is no reason to consider any of them.

Bertrand Russell

* * * * * *

While on the subject of God, and the ISM’s, I thought I would share this analysis with you:

George Melley on Religion:

Taoism – shit happens.

Bhuddism – the shit that happens to us is good.

Hinduism – the shit that happens to us has happened before.

Zen – what is the sound of shit happening.

Catholic – the shit that happens to you, you deserve.

Protestantism – the shit that happens to you, why doesn’t it happen to somebody else.

Jewish – why does this shit always happen to me.

Agnostic – I’m not sure I believe in this shit.

Atheist – I don’t believe in any of this shit.

Rastafarian – let’s smoke this shit.

George Melley Radio 4 August 1995

HEHE, Wicked 馃檪

I wandered past some rocks at Beacon Hill, Leicestershire, earlier in the day, and all was normal!

Then I wandered back, an hour or so later, and blimey!! a couple of artists had created a ‘public art installation’ with two tone pink rocks ……

Peoples reaction, on turning the corner, to discover these, were quite amusing. Kids, “Gosh, look mum. Pink Rocks!” etc ……

I took pictures, they took some more, and it seems there will we an exhibition of their work, with some pictures going up in Nottingham Castle in a few months.

I’ll let to all know dear readers ….

More piccys on my PhotoBlog at: http://tashcamuk.fotopages.com/?entry=249983

A few folk have asked me what has happened to Exodus. The Luton Dance music collective. Dirty tricks department! yea, here you go, cop this lot …………..

LODGING COMPLAINTS (Investigation into masonic attacks on Exodus Collective)http://www.squall.co.uk/squall.cfm/…2001061917/ct=2

FIREBOMBED! PRESSURE MOUNTS ON LUTON FREE PARTY POSSE http://www.schnews.org.uk/archive/news60.htm

COLLECTIVE STRENGTH http://www.schnews.org.uk/archive/news92.htm

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE EXODUS COLLECTIVE? Part One (interview with former spokesmanGlenn Jenkins) http://www.squall.co.uk/squall.cfm/…2003021101/ct=2

THE PHAROAH’S MEN DROWNING AGAIN (bedfordshire police activities against exodus collective) http://www.squall.co.uk/squall.cfm/…2001061801/ct=2

The police have much to answer for after raiding members of a Lutonhousing collective in search of drugs. http://static.highbeam.com/n/newsta…sear







Red Pepper http://www.redpepper.org.uk/cularch/xexodus.html

Cobalt http://www.cobaltmagazine.demon.co.uk

Exodus splits up http://www.guilfin.net/reports/?id=rwINET211

and, as you can see, the ‘dirty trick department has been active, with a few of us that do try to make progress.. hence, yet another bloody civil action …….. Beanfield, Operation solstice, Operation Daybreak, Operation Nomad, Operation Snapshot, Operation Mermaid, FIT team, sgt sulley etc. they hate us, ssooooooooo much. BUT, as they dont seem able to win squarely, within the ‘rules of evidence’ and by due process. they try subtifuge, and play dirty!!Some are quite amazed that this goes on, but i remind you all, were not playing a gentlemans’ game of cricket here…

surv – Nomad: http://tash.gn.apc.org/nomad_10.htm

surv – start: http://tash.gn.apc.org/surv_10.htm

surv – watched: http://tash.gn.apc.org/watched1.htm


Exodus: Parties with a Purposehttp://tash.gn.apc.org/exodus1.htm

Exodus: To rave or to riot?http://tash.gn.apc.org/exodus2.htm

so,, mind how you go, but still go 馃檪

Personally, I come from a free festivals and travelling background. New Age Travellers etc.

A number of sayings have helped guide my life over time. Like….

Bring what you expect to find?

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

If not here, where?

In sum, this means self-reliance. It means gigs are ALWAYS better, when people attending don鈥檛 just attend , but are a main part of the act. It is obvious to all those there, when this magic happens.

This is actually where I came in. 1972 Windsor, Stonehenge etc….. These were my motives then and remain so now.

Of course the authorities have difficulty with a system that means they are not in sole charge, hence all the law and violence since the Beanfield etc……

Over time, I have been involved in raising awareness about the law changes and their implications to us all.

路 Public Order Act 1986

路 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

路 Noise Act

路 Barry Legg MP: Places of Entertainments (Increased Penalty) Act

路 Security Services Act

And now all the Acts that have been going through parliament – with the words

鈥渃onduct by a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose鈥 being a new definition of serious crime!!!

With the new definition of serious crime, that enable the use of some 鈥榟eavier鈥 police departments to be applied against us. And will be the end of all the RTS and similar gigs.

Shame eh?

Now, in 鈥榬ave mode鈥, I have spent time with the Velvet Revolution and All Systems gigs, I had written 鈥楽ound Advice鈥 and the ‘Right to Party鈥 – to try and raise these matters in peoples minds.

Well, we have lost each of the matters I鈥檓 on about here. Whoever you vote for, the government gets in!

What I am absolutely positive about though, is that people involved in the scene,


People have to realise that self-interest and their own immediate happiness ( hedonism?), is not enough to make a festival, party rave, traveller site, gathering.

Important, but not enough.

Some folks on reading this will have been too young, to have had any objection to these changes as they have happened over recent years. But many others of you will have been.

The way parties are now organised, between those trying to conform with some pretty onerous conditions, (ie half to 2/3 of a ticket price to 鈥榮elf-police鈥 and pay for your own public order management and drug search.!) and those involved with the 鈥榝ree鈥 end of things but at continued 鈥榩ersonal鈥 rather than 鈥榮heared鈥 risks.

This division is of course orchestrated by the other side.

This old hippy / raver? Is now of the opinion that folk have now got the party they deserve. Discuss……..

This was the brief I originally submitted to the BBC, regarding the BBCfour program, just been shown last week.


Motives: to look for alternatives to ‘modern life’. Thoughts of sustainability, damage of modern society to environment. Thoughts of the Hopi Indian prophecies. To, ‘tread lightly on the land’. Nomadism Vs Settlement and agriculture. Farmers Vs Hunter-gatherers. A tension, back to the stone age. City life, disconnected from ‘reality’, Psychologists talk of alienation. We try to combat this with changes to lifestyle. So, ‘ways of being,’ sustainability psychology, sustainable environment. Simply experiments in life. Wanting to live and associate with those that you want to, not neighbours you hate / or hate you 馃檪

None of this is an easy alternative or ‘dropping-out’. It is very ‘front-line’, dropping right in it !!

1. Windsor / festival Land-rights [peoples free festival august bank holiday] 1972-4

Development from the Hyde Park Diggers, London Squatting Movement. Early free festivals, Fun. Thames Valley Police Attack in August 1974.

2. Stonehenge [now the new Peoples Free Festival [summer solstice]

superseded Windsor 1972-4 – 1984

‘Annual General’ meeting, when the rest of the calendar of events, got made up and discussed.

[some say one reason for the opposition to the Stonehenge festival was because of the risk of interference with the deployment of the Cruise Missile convoys from Greenham and Molesworth. Cruisewatch]

3. Greenham Common. RAF station for deployment of Cruise Missiles. Media invention of the ‘Peace Convoy’. Travelled there from Stonehenge. Plug into the existing peace camp.June1982.

4. Molesworth Peace Camp RAF station for deployment of Cruise Missiles. up to Feb 1985.

Field Marshal Hesltine and evictions

5. Battle of the Beanfield. Operation Solstice. Hants / wilts border. Legal cloak of High Court Injunction. 1st June 1985

6. Stoney Cross. Operation Daybreak. Re-run of the previous year, across 7 counties, much stress, but with less violence [police watched with much media interest]. Medieval Brigands speech. Setting for Section 39 Public Order Act 1986. [enacted April 1987]. Now Criminal Trespass. “If three people bring 12 vehicle on land, for the common purpose of residing there, then they commit and offence”.

7. Free Parties 1988 onward. section 39 was about ‘common purpose of residing’ What If they don’t stay long enough for the criminal trespass to take effect, but move after a night. Hence now a nocturnal activity.

8. Caslemorton Common. 1992 [and four similar events within weeks in that area]. Michael .Howard [bless him], now thinks of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. Operation Snapshot, vast increase in Surveillance. Strengthen POA 86, and now include music style, repetitive beats etc…

9. Enviro protests: Twyford , Newbury, Birmingham Roads, Manchester Airport etc

10. Traveller and modern trav / ravers / free party person, now leave country in large numbers 1995. European countries enact similar laws, to offset people reason to leave UK >>

11. Reclaim The Streets [RTS] in cities invented, to out-manoeuvre rural road blocks. and still be able to gather. 1996 onwards

12. Anti-social behaviour Act 2003. + ‘Gathering’ of more than two. Terrorism Act 2000

People of Nottingham have held a minute’s silence to remember schoolgirl Danielle Beccan – who was shot and killed as she returned home from the Goose fair.

Family and friends of the 14-year-old joined community and church leaders to pay their respects and to call on the city to reject gun culture.

The city’s mayor said: “By standing together as a community we will work to make our city safer. Guns have no place in Nottingham. Not in Nottingham.”

The Shooting of Danielle Beccan, was the latest example of gun violence in Nottingham.

More pictures at:


A previous entry on my blog, including the foral tributes at the scene and the press conference.


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