Thought I would climb back up to the Snowdon Horseshoe, and finish a bit more of the route, I’d started on tuesday but had run out of daylight.

Starting from my bunkhouse in the village of Nant Peris, I climbed up the slope, east from the road until it became quite a scramble. This got me to the route, taken by the Snowdon railway at Clogwyn Station. Then up another 1000 foot to Garnedd Ugain.

After a drink and a cheese sandwich, I descided to have a crack at Crib Goch.

OS ref: SH624552

This is a rock sharp edge, about a mile long with huge verticle drops on both sides. So very scarey!

Some folks do this bit, standing up, balancing with arm outstretched. Me, I did it as a scramble on all-fours.

There is a break in the picture series here, while on concentrated on what I was doing. It was a nice day, with a bit of wind up there. If it’s at all windy, you just don’t go that way!!

The rest of the time, that afternoon, was spent trying to get back down the valley to Pen-y-Pass and then on the Llanberis. Easy, I thought. But I kept coming upon cliffs of shear drops, and then had to climb back up my route to try again a bit further along. Quite tiring, but did it, then back to the bunkhouse for a little lie down.,355500&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&dn=633

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