An area of woodland, north of Nottingham, has been the location of the biggest ‘manhunt’ ever conducted by Nottinghamshire Police.

‘Operation Rendition’ involved the deployment of 650 officers, looking for two suspects, wanted for two different murders. One man was arrested last night, when returning to his ‘hide’. Robert Boyer was arrested in the early hours of yesterday after a surveillance operation in Robin Hood’s Hills, near Annesley Woodhouse. Armed officers lay in wait for him after the largest search operation to take place in Notts uncovered a “well constructed” hideout.

He was ex-army, and had been trained in concealment. It is thought he had been hold-up there for the last month.

Eight police forces including Notts, Derby, Lincs, Leicestershire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and the Met joined up for the operation. A helicopter with heat-seeking kit, specialist dog teams, armed and unarmed officers all took part.

So, today, the police fielded another huge team, and searched a further area of woodland, west of the A611, Nottingham to Hucknall Road. There to search for the other suspect, Terry Rodgers.

I joined the media scrum this afternoon, to listen to statements by Superintendent Stuart Wright.

Access to the area was extremely tightly controlled. I had a police seargent escort me around one area of the field for the police line photos I show you here. Bit boring eh?

Thus, I left all that, and headed off onto some wooded high ground, with a view over operations, further back in the enclosed area. This was a bit more informative, to see what was going on. All this done with a 300mm lens, tripod, and huge blow-ups. A good exercise in surveillance for me!

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It appears, according to latest news, they’ve found the suspect, and he is now ‘helping police with their enquiries’. I’m sure he is …….

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