August 2004

Plenty of exhibits and loads of lovely people.

The biggest cheers of the crowd, went to the public service workers. The Royal Air Force fielded a team for the first time. The NHS and Ambulance Services and the Gay Police Association. Full dress uniforms, don’t they look smart.

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On driving past, I found many walls, simply covered in artwork at “The Arches” Ladybay Bridge, Nottingham. I think this a particularly colourful set, made by many graphic artist. Not vandelism eh? as some think.

I want to draw your attention to the Leprechaun. It is fantastic. Really fine. In time, I may meet the creator, and simply say well done. I’ve just made it my computer desktop.

‘The Arches’ is an enlightened youth project of Nottingham City Youth Service.



text: 07766 475136

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Fire: Mansfield Town Centre Fire at a plastics factory in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

5 hours, [and then overnight damping down]

More than 80 firefighters from across the region raced to the scene, with up to 20 appliances deployed from Ashfield, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Shirebrook, Blidworth, Buxton, Nottingham and Mansfield.

It was a big one. 100 residents evacuated to the local community centre because of the risk of the buildings collapse, and the possible effects of the acrid smoke.

I took a number of photos at the scene, then, went up to high ground in a public park, south of Mansfield. and took another set. These from about 1 1/2 miles from town centre.

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August 1642, King Charles I ‘Raised his Standard’ at Nottingham, thus declaring war on the English Parliament. This act marked the beginning of the English Civil War.

Over this weekend, the Sealed Knot mounted various displays and re-enactments, to commemorate this event.

And a spectacle it was to. Canon and musket fire, pikes charging about, screams, and much pulling of faces ……..

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Day 1

Day 2

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Sealed Knot

King’s Lifeguard of Foot, The Sealed Knot Society

English Civil War Society – a history re-enactment group

Nottingham Events – Raising the Standard 2004

and, why I’m really interested, check out this lot ……

At the end of the English Civil War, (The 1640s), people began to realise that after their sacrifice in fighting that war, they had replaced one bunch of uncaring bastards with another lot…. well, that’s politics and war for you, nothing new there then!!!

I see paralells with today that are uncanny, even scary, at times. The people pitched against an unrepresentative state and aristocracy. The Church acting rather like the present day multinationals, and a lot of people who just wanted to be left alone, without interference from church or state, on land that they respected and loved. I have included a little background info, to give you an idea of what I mean.

350 years ago now, but a solid example of “DIY culture”, or what.

There has been an increasing interest recently, in the 17th century exploits of the group of radical squatter – communists know as `The Levellers’ and `The Diggers’. Partly, this is the result of the new wave of `DIY’ protest and resistance, which has prompted comparisons between today’s young (and not so young!) demonstators and the diggers. Self-empowerment, direct action. Also, it has come about because of a cultural shift which is leading people to look deep into the roots of English, as opposed to British history.

The Levellers [my site]

The Diggers 350 yr anniversary 1649 – St Georges Hill [my site]

Digger pamphlet by Gerrard Winstanley A declaration of the Poor oppressed People of England 1649

“Sleepwalking into a surveillance society?” – Information Commissioner

Watching out: A need for balance as Whitehall seeks more information,,542-1218045,00.html

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when I’d volunteered for the ID card trial.

A working 19th century windmill with museum and science centre. Once owned by George Green, physicist and mathematician.

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Sunny eh? well yes, it was for an hour or two, then the monsoon, here in the UK, returned for another wack. It is still raining ……..

Attended a press conference at Wyburn House Farm, Hucknall.

Still not too many details of the operation, but a statement read by Supt Stuart Wright.

Much of the operation now standing down, even the tea urn and biccys, being taken away.

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Operation Rendition Nottinghamshire Police Statements

The biggest ever search undertaken by Nottinghamshire Police began in the early hours of today (Friday, 13 August).

A total of 450 officers, some of them armed, are searching areas in the north of the county for two murder suspects.

The first is Robert Boyer, 42, who is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of Keith Frogson. Mr Frogson, 62, died after he was attacked in the street outside his home in Annesley Woodhouse on Monday, 19 July.

Officers are also looking for Terence Rodgers, 55, who is wanted for questioning over the death of his daughter Chanel Taylor. She was found with gunshot wounds to the head at her home in Huthwaite on Friday, 30 July. Today’s operation comes after intelligence identified specific areas to be searched for the suspects.

Superintendent Stuart Wright said: “Our aim is to locate and trace the suspects with the minimum use of force and arrest and detain them for questioning in connection with the two murders.

Some of our officers will be armed and the safety of the public, officers and the suspects is paramount.”

Supt Wright said the operation would require some roads to be closed at various times. There will also be areas cordoned off by police where the public will be prevented from going. He added: “This is the largest ever search operation conducted by Nottinghamshire Police and I would ask the public for their support and appeal for them to be patient with us.”

Operation Rendition – Rodgers arrested

At just after 1730hrs yesterday evening (Monday 16th August 2004), Nottinghamshire Police arrested 55 year old Terence Rodgers, the man wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of Chanel Taylor.During a major search operation in the defined area, he was arrested by armed police officers and has been taken to an undisclosed police station in the county where he will be examined by a police surgeon.

This brings Operation Rendition, which has been running since the early hours of Friday 13th August, to a successful conclusion. Nottinghamshire Police would like to thank members of public and the media for their support, while special thanks go to the police officers and police staff of this force and others, who have worked tirelessly throughout theoperation.

Without their commitment and dedication, this operation and in particular the achievement of its objectives would not have been possible

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