Black people have been here in Nottingham for over 500 years. You would think that they could claim they lived here by now. But discrimination is so obviously, still an issue. There is ever increasing violence, here in Nottingham. Well it’s a city.  But there has been an increase were race has played a part.  People beaten to the ground, simply for being of another colour. God! 21st century, or what …… Anyway folks locally have had enough, and wanted to protest to draw more attention to the issue, and to prompt the authorities for a little more action. 

Met at the Forest Recreation Ground at 12.00, hundred gathered, then we marched into town, for a rally in the Market Square

Various speakers outlined what’s been happening, council say they will evict tenents who have been involved in such attacks. oh and the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, Mr Steve Green,  says they’re trying harder [he’s the chap in suit]. So what’s everyone being doing up to now?

So, that all alright then. another 500 years, we’ll have it all sorted.

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