I was excited to discover that I could still use a Reversing Ring, on my earlier Nikon lenses.  Using my 50mm and 28mm, when reversed, produce quite large magnifications.  As they are old lenses, the camera would only meter in manual mode anyway. Clearly when reversing a lens, the same is true.  With digital, I doesn’t matter that much, since by shooting a few test shots, and reviewing them like a polaroid test, an assesment can be made.  Or of course, you can use a hand-held meter.

Flash is not a problem either.  I used a small guide number mini unit. 

Set on manual, I moved the flash to and fro, keeping a very low angle for the relief.  All should be adjusted, so that small aperture can be used, when ‘stopped down’, thus helping with the very fine depth of field.

Anyway, these are the subjects, colour is teriffic and detail shown on the coins, give an idea of what is possible.  Am inspired to do more of these.  Watch this space ……

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