July 2004

Black people have been here in Nottingham for over 500 years. You would think that they could claim they lived here by now. But discrimination is so obviously, still an issue. There is ever increasing violence, here in Nottingham. Well it’s a city.  But there has been an increase were race has played a part.  People beaten to the ground, simply for being of another colour. God! 21st century, or what …… Anyway folks locally have had enough, and wanted to protest to draw more attention to the issue, and to prompt the authorities for a little more action. 

Met at the Forest Recreation Ground at 12.00, hundred gathered, then we marched into town, for a rally in the Market Square

Various speakers outlined what’s been happening, council say they will evict tenents who have been involved in such attacks. oh and the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, Mr Steve Green,  says they’re trying harder [he’s the chap in suit]. So what’s everyone being doing up to now?

So, that all alright then. another 500 years, we’ll have it all sorted.

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Have covered a few events, some locally, over the last couple of months.

So here are the collected links to all these. 

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Nottingham Asian Mela 2004



right then, where to next >>>>>>>

The first ever Nottingham Mela took place on the Forest Recreation Ground, Radford.

The day promised to be a spectacular family festival of music, with exhibitions, displays, stalls, a food arena, funfair and art workshops.

Headliners include:

Orange Street… their first Album “Drive Carefully” was released in 2000, and in 2002 they released “Candywalk” and went on to promote it across various cities. Several songs from “Candywalk” featured in the movie; “Everybody Says I’m Fine” which was shown at Cannes and other major film festivals in Europe and the USA.

Nazami BrothersÉ will be performing the exciting and rhythmic Qawwali in the traditions associated with the sacred shrine of Nizammudin Auliya, Old Delhi. These qawwali singers trace their ancestry to the qawwali singers of the great Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. The words are beautiful. The singers will often improvise and spontaneously create poetry as they get more inspired and go into a trance-like state!

AchanakÉ where born in the autumn of 1989, Achanak a six-piece band who have reached great heights of the Bhangra industry. Achanak are an image driven band with powerful and groundbreaking production skills that have attracted international television exposure.

ShaantiÉ the award winning UK institution, where live performers, producers and turntable terrorist create a blueprint for the future of Electronica and Eastern Dance Music. The line-up includes, Dr Zeus, Sonny Ji and Manga.

But best of all, if you are a local budding performer, we want to hear from you! There are still opportunities to perform on the community stage and wow the hordes of Mela goers! In fact there are many opportunities to get involved in this year’s Mela and be part of it all.

For further information or to receive an application form simply call, email or write to: Apna Arts, The Art Exchange, 39 Gregory Boulevard, Hyson Green, Nottingham NG7 6BE or you can call us on 0115 942 2479 or drop us a line at info@apnaarts.org.uk

Don’t miss out on a world of fantastic Mela entertainment; July, Sunday 25th, 2004…Music, DJ’s, bands, Qawwali, Rock, exhibitions, food stall, cloth stalls, displays, workshops, art, crafts and more and all for the grand price of nothing

Apna arts, the pioneers of the South Asian outdoor Mela, have been working with Nottingham Asian Arts Council to ensure Nottingham has its first ever community Mela.     

A spectacular family festival of music, crafts workshops, exhibitions, displays, a funfair and stalls it will be free to enter and will bring together young South Asian people and families from around the country in an environment of creativity, tolerance and respect.

For more information…

Asian Arts Council Telephone: 0115 915 3509/7


More pictures on my PhotBlog at: http://tashcamuk.fotopages.com/?entry=171722

Pride returns to the glorious surrounds of the Arboretum, a beautiful Grade II listed park in the heart of Nottingham City Centre for the second year running in its current incarnation. Pride kicks off at noon running until 6pm.    

Pride is a celebration of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) communities in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, and is open to all. Last year’s Pride, which was the first in Nottingham since 2000, was a huge success, with 4500 people enjoying the magnificent sunshine in the relaxing atmosphere of the Arboretum.    


The recently restored bandstand once again acts as a unique main stage for an eclectic line up of live acts. Local and regional acts provide a variety of musical styles including café jazz, world music, rock and roll, classic soul and an excess of camp classics!    

Dance Tent 

Local bar The Foresters are running the mini-dance tent (with bar), playing chart toppers and cheesy classics. The perfect place to strut your stuff in the summer sun!    

Other Attractions 

Grab a bite to eat at the food stands, get a drink from one of the bars and shop at the extended market place. For the kids there are inflatable games and a variety of other activities. This year Nottingham Pride has improved toilet facilities.      


Nottingham Pride is run and managed by a team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteering can bring many rewards; you can make new friends and learn new skills. Nottingham Pride needs your help to make the day run smoothly and the Pride committee are also looking for new members to run Pride 2005 – this is your chance to make a difference!    

For further details, please contact Biddy McMeel on 0115 911 0545 or visit


More piccys on my FotoBlog at: http://tashcamuk.fotopages.com/?entry=168364

and a full-set on my webserver at: http://tash.dns2go.com/xtra/NttmGay2004/index.htm

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Last years events, in Nottingham and Manchester at:  http://indymedia.org.uk/en/2003/09/276422.html

Manchester Gay Pride at: http://tashcamuk.fotopages.com/?entry=4762

Nottingham Gay Pride Event – Arboretum Park at:  http://tashcamuk.fotopages.com/?entry=5440

I was excited to discover that I could still use a Reversing Ring, on my earlier Nikon lenses.  Using my 50mm and 28mm, when reversed, produce quite large magnifications.  As they are old lenses, the camera would only meter in manual mode anyway. Clearly when reversing a lens, the same is true.  With digital, I doesn’t matter that much, since by shooting a few test shots, and reviewing them like a polaroid test, an assesment can be made.  Or of course, you can use a hand-held meter.

Flash is not a problem either.  I used a small guide number mini unit. 

Set on manual, I moved the flash to and fro, keeping a very low angle for the relief.  All should be adjusted, so that small aperture can be used, when ‘stopped down’, thus helping with the very fine depth of field.

Anyway, these are the subjects, colour is teriffic and detail shown on the coins, give an idea of what is possible.  Am inspired to do more of these.  Watch this space ……

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This is the beginning of a new chapter for SchNEWS – doing their own films, and showing them at  SchLIVE satirical news shows and other screenings, as well as putting them up for free download on our site.

Here is a few ones they made – mostly from our national SchNEWS at Ten tour in April 2004


SchNEWS at Ten Tour is passing through Nottingham, on my PhotoBlog at:


Well since Thursday last week, I’m now the owner of a Nikon D70 dSLR camera with an 18mm-70mm DX lens. {Oh, and can use my old Nikon lenses, but in manual mode.  Still very useful]

So, to get used to the cameras behaviour, settings, response to colour, biases, I tried a number of subjects, movement and colours.

This set is not about anything, just what’s floated past me in the last few days ….

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