Well, it all comes another step forward then.

Bloody heck!

over the last few years, we have had this 4 or 5 times a year, while we keep thinking an argument got one, and oh no, round it goes again ……

So, having heard the news, on the world at one, I realise that there is to be a pilot program, ahead of compulsion, Xyears in the future.

10,000 volunteers are to be enrolled on the first tests. I had contacted the Home Office, to enquire if these folks are to be specially invited, or, is it anyone that volunteers. I am told the latter, and have therefore just left my name, address and phone number as an ‘interested party’. Depending on what they send me, will give it a read, and may well volunteer.

All this out of academic interest, of course 🙂

just got back in from getting ‘done’ at the ID card trial.

Quite a painless exercise. They took all fingerprints, a face picture [with a four position facial ‘map’] and an iris read. This was done from about 15″ away, a little surprising that, since I thought it was right up close, like looking into a microscope. Then I signed an electronic pad. That was the databasing side. Filled out a questionnaire, while card was prepared.

Then there is the verification phase. They took my card, stuck it into the reader. I was asked to sit at similar machine that scanned my face. It took a few seconds. then the computer, whirred and rattled, then everything stopped, a few worried looks! then it started again, the screen showed my name and details. So it worked. Well, at least with a sample of 3859 folks to compare on the database. That’s as far as they’ve got now.

Not sure what a terrorist is going to make of all this. If is catches a few, that’s good of course. But with my experience of plod, I can see how awkward it is going to be for some folks ……

My pet fear still remains a policeman / soldier / neighbourhood wardens perhaps, being able to approach you in the street, and without any further evidence or suspicion, say to you “Papers”. and there we are, right back in the 1930’s Germany etc ……

ho hum.

Identity Cards

Home Office

50 Queen Anne’s Gate



ID helpline: 0207 3473023


Volunteer: Home Office Identity Card Scheme

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer for the biometrics enrolment trial which UK Passport Service are undertaking, the recruitment of volunteers is being managed by MORI (Market & Opinion Research International). Any request to take part in the trial should be directed to: Melanie Briere on telephone number 020 7347 3023, e-mail trial@mori.com, or via http://www.mori.com/candc/passport.shtml.