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Private View, Public Exposure

Meet at BP HQ, 1 St. James’ Square, 4pm, 16th June 2004

This is a call out asking you to join London Rising Tide to celebrate our resistance to the corporate hijacking of the arts by BP and their greenwash friends.

On 16th June at 4pm there will be a Street Party moving from outside BP’s offices in St. James Square (between Green Park and Piccadilly) to the National Portrait Gallery where BP sponsors the National Portrait Award, pulling their sophisticated brand of cultural PR wool over everyone’s eyes.

Whilst BP are busy encouraging British artists and their creative talent, indigenous peoples are having their lands stolen, poisoned and destroyed. All over the world people’s livelihoods and human rights are severely violated as BP, ExxonMobil, Shell and the rest of the industry plunder and mutilate for the sake of oil (like in the disastrous Baku Ceyhan and Sakhalin pipelines). Our environment and our climate are being thrown into chaos whilst the culprits try to blind us with their sunny logos and cultural sponsorship.

We want to tell BP and the NPG that the greenwash is not working. The National Portrait Award holds its Private View and party (for entrants, judges, the media and BP cronies) inside the NPG on the evening of June 16th. Let’s show them a real party, a party of resistance with noise, art and music and make their private party a very public one.

Bring your own art (or somebody else’s)!

It would be great to see the street party alive with our alternative art and show the NPG the true faces of big oil. Bring any medium that symbolises this, painting, photographs, banners, costume, music and dance.

Exhibition of Resistance to Big Oil and the Corporate Sponsorship of ‘the Arts’

Private View, Public Exposure is part of a wider week of events as part of Greenwash Or Us, an Exhibition of Resistance to Big Oil and the Corporate Sponsorship of ‘the Arts’, happening at various reclaimed spaces in central London. There will be week of alternative art depicting the true face of an oil company, films, workshops, music and debate from 14th to 21st June. Venue to be confirmed.

If you’d like to get involved, we’d love your help; if you can send us your art or just want to know more,

please contact: 07969 786770

62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

email us at: