On June 8th – 10th 2004, the G8 Summit will be staged on Sea Island, 80 miles south of Savannah in the United States. This location has been specifically chosen by the G8 because it is impossible for protestors to access and therefore groups in the United States have put out a call for decentralised actions.

In this spirit of solidarity, the Dissent! Network, a UK-wide anti-capitalist network that operates by the People’s Global Action hallmarks, is calling for local actions and events between 8th-10th June. Through a diversity of tactics Dissent hopes to make people aware of next years G8 summit in the UK and the growing movement, which opposes it. Actions could range from educational films and events, to street parties and targeted direct action against the UK government.

The leaders of the eight richest, industrial countries may hide on mountain-tops and remote islands, they may surround themselves by fences and police, but they cannot hide from the global movement against capitalism. From the War on Iraq to the global economic and ecological meltdown, the policies of the G8 are clearly corrupt. In 2004, Dissent! and others are already building momentum against the G8. In 2005, we will disrupt the G8 meetings in Britain. The days of the G8 are numbered.

In solidarity with the States protest movements, in the UK there will be protests and events against the G8.

This was Nottingham’s contribution to these matters, by taking direct action to blocade the Oil Terminal at Colwick. After erecting the tripod, there were a few instances of threats of violence, by lorry drivers and others, inconvenienced by the blockade. But all turned out well, People volunterily lifted the road block at 12.30.

To get involved contact Dissent!: http://www.dissent.org.uk

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