Late last night one of our fellow protestors fell and was seriously injured at the sherwood protest camp , Rob a young lad in his early twenties lost his footing on a walkway almost 50ft up when he slipped on an icy platform , plummeting to the ground without any breaks in the fall, he has suffered multiple injuries, broken bones and organ damage, he is currently in the operating theatre in the critical care unit at Kings Mill centre for Healthcare services, Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield, telephone, 01623 622515), where he is said to be in a stable condition

Rob has never really been accepted or felt part of anything in his entire life , he has spent much of his life being the victim and was so keen feel or be a part of something he took extraordinarily brave risks in helping to make the site more secure and really feel part of something , i think that is something many of the people in this movement can probably identify with at some point in their lives and i’m putting this call out for 2 reasons accordingly .

We had an informal discussion about it last night and we felt it would be great if we could swamp him with get well wishes from the many facets of the movement , as a show of solidarity and to make him feel that his efforts were widely appreciated by many others and not just those inside the camp , just to make him feel important and recognised would be greatly beneficial to his overall mental and emotional well being during the recovery period , so i am asking you to forward this to many enviro/eco/anarcho email discussion lists , forums , sites etc , around the world to ask you to send him a get well soon card , this small gesture from as many individuals as possible would mean so much to one brave warrior who fell in the line of duty and i ask all of you who can afford it to send him a card at the following address

Rob (Eco Warrior)

Ward 9

Kings Mill centre for Healthcare services ,

Mansfield Road ,

Sutton in Ashfield


Thankyou in advance to all who help

If you are unable to send a card pls email your get well soon wishes to and i will print them out and take them to him

The second reason for the callout is to source out some extra harnesses as we feel a No harness No Climb policy may be a better option in the future , (rob wouldnt have fallen at all if we had more harnesses), as we are currently so poorly equipped this would not be feasible at the present time , so anyone with spare harnessing or safety equipment pls contact me on the above email or phone 01159874636 ask for Col and/or leave a message , alternatively you could post it to the Sumac Centre , gladstone street , nottingham , but it may be possible that we could have it collected by traffic heading to from this site or nine ladies if you contact us first, pls label it if posting to sumac with , Mansfield Woodhouse Protest site.

* * * * * *

Sherwood Forest Protest Camp: now on Alert !!

Sherwood Forest Protest Camp is also in urgent need of help.

Bailiffs have been on site recently and eviction seems imminent. “Security” forces had planned an illegal eviction but were thwarted when extra people and the cops turned up.

Bellway, the property developers, want to turn these magnificent woods into sawdust and build almost 300 poor-quality overpriced houses there instead.

A 300-year old beech tree is at the heart of the forest and serves as the HQ of the Protest Camp. Massive local support has been apparent since the camp was established 6 months ago. Meanwhile,

60-odd security, an ambulance (!) and cutting machinery have been hovering near the area, waiting to go in for the kill.

Support is vital over the next couple of days. 07050 656410

If you can’t get down to the woods, you might want to phone Bellway on 0116 2727000 to tell them what you think, POLITELY of course!!