The BNP are holding a demonstration outside the NUJ headquarters, Headland House on Monday the 16th of February.

The alleged reason is to protest the poor media coverage of the death of a white youth in oldham, allegedly at the hands of Asian youth. The real reason of course is to use the opportunity – in the run up to the coming elections – to pose as the defenders of white people from so called Asian and Black thugs supposedly running amok murdering all white people – while the media and police do nothing. This of course if a lie designed to stir up prejudice. i.e. “the media and police are not defending white people, join/support the BNP and you will be safe bla bla bla…”

This seems like a pretty sophisticated approach as they are unlikely to turn up with daggers, bricks and balaclavas to do in Headland House in day light in the presence of the police and the media (which they would have invited for photo opps). The police say about a hundred BNP people are expected. Presumably they will be on the otherside of the road while the police line up in front of the NUJ pavement.

It is proposed that we hold a counter demo to show our opposition to the BNP. I suggest we meet outside WHSmiths at Kings Cross, at 12pm, which is half an hour before the Fascists are due to arrive at Headland House. We can then go up to Headland House together.

I have not been able to get in touch with the ANL and Unity Against Fascism, but I left a message with Unity Against Fascism, saying we would meet up at 12pm.

Please pass this information on and try and get as many people to Kings Cross at 12pm on Monday. It is very important that we send a clear message to the BNP that they are not welcome, and we will not allow our union to be intimidated and our members in this way.