Sherwood Forest Protest Camp is also in urgent need of help.

Bailiffs have been on site recently and eviction seems imminent. “Security” forces had planned an illegal eviction but were thwarted when extra people and the cops turned up.

Bellway, the property developers, want to turn these magnificent woods into sawdust and build almost 300 poor-quality overpriced houses there instead.

A 300-year old beech tree is at the heart of the forest and serves as the HQ of the Protest Camp. Massive local support has been apparent since the camp was established 6 months ago. Meanwhile,

60-odd security, an ambulance (!) and cutting machinery have been hovering near the area, waiting to go in for the kill.

Support is vital over the next couple of days. 07050 656410

If you can’t get down to the woods, you might want to phone Bellway on 0116 2727000 to tell them what you think, POLITELY of course!!