Had a wander up Stapleford Hill this morning, because i felt like it 🙂 There is one of the few trig points that I’ve seen near a city. And Guess what, its vandalised. Even some spraying, on the Hemlock Stone itself.

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Legend has it that the Hemlock Stone was hurled at Lenton Priory, some four miles west of the stone, by the Devil. This tale of the Devil or some mischievous force hurling a stone and missing its mark occurs throughout the folk-literature of Europe. It is generally accepted that such legends reflect conflict between the early christian Church and their pagan contemporaries. The tale is more often than not associated with prehistoric sites like the large monoliths or standing stones erected by neolithic and bronze age man. Such stones were the centre of pagan worship well into the christian era.

map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=450125&y=338615&z=3&sv=450125,338615&st=4&ar=Y&dn=859