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DATE: Friday 19th March. TIME: 12:30pm Onwards.

AIMS OF THE BLOCKADE: “Their will be a demonstration for those who do not wish to take part in direct action, as well as food, music, speeches, stalls, workshops, & more to keep you entertained. The main

blockade will aim to shut down or disrupt Menwith Hill for as long as possible using non-violent direct action. We will stop traffic from entering or leaving the site (except in emergencies). In doing so we aim

to raise awareness of the workings of the base & its role in espionage, war-fighting & star wars, & highlight the fact that this country has a number of US bases on its soil, none of which are accountable to British people.”

BLOCK THE BASE: Organised By Yorkshire CND. To Contact Them: 22 Edmund Street, Bradford, BD5 0BH. Tel: 01274 730795 – Fax: 01274 414413



DIRECTIONS: NSA Menwith Hill is 8 miles from Harrogate on the A59 going West. Coming out of Harrogate on the A59 there are signs to RAF Menwith Hill. You will eventually see big white ‘golfballs’. As you near NSA Menwith Hill there is a pub called ‘Black Bull’ on your right. Just past the pub turn right into Cold Coates Lane (there is a sign post to RAF Menwith Hill). The police will direct you from there.


BACKGROUND: “The Menwith Hill spy base, in North Yorkshire, is run by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S. The NSA was set up by Presidential decree in 1952 without debate in the U.S Congress. It is an integral part of U.S Star Wars plans, & Menwith Hill’s ongoing expansion means it is able to transmit & receive communications & images from space. This will help US Space Command in its mission to see & hear everything on the planet & enable laser weapons to be able to reach anywhere on the earth within a target of about six feet.

Menwith Hill is listening. International telecommunications, including private telephone calls, faxes & e-mails are intercepted from around the world. In 1997 a European Parliament report made it clear civil

liberties are threatened by the NSA at Menwith Hill. Information collected goes directly to Fort Meade, Maryland in the U.S. The British government is given selected information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis via

GCHQ, Cheltenham, who also have some employees working at Menwith Hill.”

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