This is getting so much worse. Zillions of mails from Nigeria [in particular], promising free money, all clearly scams by the local gangsters.

But, not engaging with these chaps is not enough. The volume of them is simply getting oppressive. It amounts to a ‘denial of service’. Bloody hooligans!

I tried writing a simple request for info, from the Nigerian High Commission. No courtesy of a reply of course, but though I would try the correct way of complaint before I go to stage two 🙂

I’ve just sent the first batch of several hundred spam mails, sent to me, forwarded on to them. Just me doing this, wont change much, but if all gave it a go .. .. .. I imagine they’ll get cross.

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Nigerian High Commissioner



Subj: spam mail from Nigeria


As you may know, span [unsolicited email] is an international problem, and needs to be dealt with by international treaties, to most effective.

Like everyone else, I get my fair share.

However, over this last year, over 90% of such mail, arriving in my mail box, is from people in Nigeria, asking me to engage in non-existent business proposals. They usual involve the laundering of ex-presidents money etc.

To have your country so over represented in this annoying practice, may perhaps be considered my many, to be indicative of a lack of care, by your government, in its business reputation.

I guess there are millions of us in this situation, but as time goes by, the volume is increasing. You may gather, so is the annoyance of those receiving all this.

I don’t suppose that there is an easy answer, but I would ask what, if anything at all, is being done to deal with the situation.

I know little of your country, but, I think you’ll agree that your reputation international is being harmed by this plague.

I have many contacts in the UK, both friends and business, and ALL report the same situation, so it is not as if I am just an unlucky recipient. The police also say the same.

A simple request to you for information. What is being done?

If you doubt the volume of the problem I report to you, perhaps I may start to forward examples, to so demonstrate, rather than just delete by the hundred, as I currently do.

I trust I may hear from you shortly.

Very best

Alan Lodge

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