16th November 2003, London: Protest group pulled off its most daring demonstration so far, when a group of it’s members stripped naked in Parliament Square and spelt out a stark message for Tony Blair and George Bush on the grass in front of Westminster Palace; NO GM AMBUSH.

The US administration recently lodged an official complaint against the EU with the World Trade Organisation, claiming that the current ban on the import of GM foods, and the commercial growing of GM crops is a violation of international trade law.

“Having contaminated their own food chain, and their own continent with GM crops, they are now looking increasingly isolated in the global market place” claimed Mr Grenville. “North American farmers are currently losing more than $600M per year in former exports to the EU, because Europeans no longer trust their food. The only way out for Bush and his Biotech friends is to forcibly bring Europe down to the same level using WTO regulations – this amounts to a GM Ambush!”

“From every angle the government has looked, farm trials, economic, scientific, public debate, the same message, ‘NO GM’ ,has come back. What part of NO GM does Blair not understand?” said Grenville

“Likewise the public now know they were deceived about the war,” said Grenville. We believe there is a much bigger hidden agenda beneath this so called “war on terror”. Bush’s dangerous adventures are the start of a long and protracted 21st Century war over the world’s remaining major oil reserves.

If Bush redirected his multi billion dollar war chest to developing alternative renewable sources of energy, and promoting peace instead of fear, then we could start to build the sustainable future that is essential to the survival of our species on this planet. This would also undermine any support that terrorists currently enjoy”.

When challenged about the risqué nature of this most recent form of protest, Grenville retorts; “Nudity and Art, and Art and Politics have always enjoyed close associations. Bare Witness merely blends the three together in a way that enables people to convey their message in an eye catching and peaceful way.