European Day of Media Monitoring which is being organised in mid November this year. The actual dates will be announced shortly. This is an important campaign designed to build a picture of just how the media is covering refugee and asylum issues across Europe.

PressWise and the Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Media Project (RAM) are co-ordinating this activity in the UK and want to hear from individuals and organisations willing to take part. We assume there will be a large number as this campaign goes right to the heart of our concerns about UK media coverage.

We have suggested a week of monitoring rather than just a day as planned by other European colleagues in order to give a better picture of what is happening in the UK. This may mean, for example, you deciding to check a national newspaper or a local evening of weekly newspaper during that week. You may decide to monitor TV news.

Straight forward monitoring forms will be available and the results fed into a European report which will be launched in mid March 2004 – possibly by Neil Kinnock – and will result in a Day of Action throughout Europe designed to draw attention to bad reporting and promote good coverage.

If you want to join in or would like more information, please E mail RAM’s National Co-ordinator, Terry Williams on or ring 07945 343055 as soon as possible.