I knew about the anti-social behaviour orders etc and the main ideas of the bill, being to do with estates yobs and intimidations etc.

But, didn’t have the idea, that the CJA and Public Order acts were being strengthen also.

Bollox! Oh no, not again. I’ve been through about five of these ‘tightenings of the screw’ and at 50 yrs now, god, am getting tired!!

Actually, living in the city, I’m against some of the things that the Home Sec is trying to deal with, it influences my own life, living in a ‘red light district’ and what I find in my yard, in the light of the morning.

BUT, law treads on us, while it is trying deal with that.

Have just been listening to Blunkett on the telly, his act followed by the Prime Minister, they were talking to a conference in London, launching the new initiatives. Respect for neighbours, dealing with intimidation, Reclaim the Streets [exactly :-)] , environmental measures and investment in local community. All very fine. But I was listening to them, and thinking, how would this apply to a traveller, gypsy, enviro community. Because the assumption made by politics is that we mean supporting the established community OVER our alternative ones.

I think we are about to trampled under-foot, again.

Make you own judgements, the main Home Office main site had just announced all this


with the press release at:


and the bill intro pages with links at:


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here are some of the proposals, debated in the Lords

Criminal Justice and Public Order Act .. .. .. .. AND NOW, PART 2