Their latest show:

10th October until 18th October 2003

Don’t Cross the Line is an artist-led project consisting of three interventions/installations in Manchester city centre. These will explore the broad theme of cultural imperialism, focussing specifically on notions of liberty, security and enforced relocation.


During the recent anti-war protests we were amazed by the sheer number of people involved in the movement. While many had been politically active before, others were new to it all. To enable people to pick up the skills to take effective action and learn from the mistakes of others we decided to compile a training CD – the complete toolbox for any activist. From organising in groups without leaders to how to set up a road blockade, it’s all here – over 200 files taken from sources worldwide, compiled onto one CD that fits in your wallet. Subjects covered include; organising and decision making, tools for taking action, public order situations, dealing with the press and legal resources.

It can be browsed from:

‘Twas last July, when i contributed some of my police surviellance work to NATO in Manchester, [That’s the Northern Arts Tactical offesive, by the way] … another colaboration between them and BeyondTV.

Blog entries at the time, tell you all about what they / we /me, were trying to do.

nATo in Manchester

nATo show in manchester,