Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham

709th .. .. .. Been going a while eh ……

I visited the fair several times [ well, it’s at the bottom of my street ] from the openeing by the Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Nottingham at mid-day on thursday, to tacking down over sunday.

Had taken 900 images of many aspects of what goes on there. In the edit stage at the moment for this work. Hope to show you a selection, shortly.

Nottingham Goose Fair: one of Europe’s largest travelling fairs, with more than 150 rides and 450 games and exhibitions to thrill and amuse you.

Present day Goose Fair – Follows a tradition and includes the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of October each year, with a recent addition of a Wednesday evening. It is now held on a site specially allocated for it on the Forest Recreation Ground. Once again, the fair offers attractions to all ages. There will be over 150 children’s rides and 60 plus adult rides, from the traditional merry-go-rounds to the latest white-knuckle rides. Rides included for this year’s fair are a Crane Bungee Jump and the Equinox, which spins over 75 feet into the air, whilst the three cars revolve at the same time with its occupants standing throughout! There will be a welcome return to last year’s most popular ride the Turbo-booster. This monster ride reaches a maximum height of 130 feet, as two cages spin on 65 foot arms creating 3.5 to 4 G-Force, so not for the faint-hearted! Nor too is the reverse Bungee, which will be returning to the Forest Recreation Ground for its third year.

Some historical notes on the Goose Fair, from Nottingham Local Studies Library