If like me, you wake up every morning and check to see what delights the postman has left, and are then heartbroken to discover that all you got was a shitty Capital One offer, something from Egg and some Nectar or Vodafone crap, I suggest, like me, you take the following advice I found left by an anonymous user online.

1. Save every Free Credit Card Offer you get, Put it in pile A

2. Save every Free Coupon You get, put that in pile B

3. Now open the credit card mail from pile A and find the Freepost Reply Mail Envelope.

4. Take the coupons from pile B and stuff them in the envelope you hold in your hand.

5. Drop the stuffed to the brim envelopes in the postbox and walk away whistling.

I feel, just that bit better, knowing im wasting their time, like they’re trying to waste mine …..

That’ll learn the bastards.