August 2003

I’ve put up a gallery of pictures from the day on my PhotoBlog at:

past gay event piccys at:

were I’ve included piccys from past manchester, leicester, and nottingham dos.

and more sets at:

is official website of Nottingham Pride 2003, This is the one-stop place to find out everything thats going on from pre-pride to post-pride!

This is the *ONLY* place on the web with up to the minute details of everything to do with the all new, all singing and all dancing 2003 Pride!

Thats right everyone Nottingham IS having a pride this year, it is to be held at:

the Arboretum on the 30th August,

and weather permitting it will be a great success.

Manchester Gay Pride today. Check out photos from camphone, posted live from my P800 mobile phone.

A Gay day out in Manchester. As in past years, I covered the event in black and white, and colour slide. This year, I borrowed a friends digital camera, juggling with that and used my cam phone also. All a bit complicated, but i managed.

In a bit, I’ll get round to photo-process and then scan them to make a better quality gallery / set. Check back in a bit, for the link.

More photos, from past event on my main site at:

Manchester EuroPride 2003:

Manchester EuroPride 2003. OutUK:

Two nights in a tent at Garth Farm, Capel Currig. (Sheet 115 SH702570). Have now checked into Bryn Dinas Bunk House for the next couple of nights. (sheet 115 SH 622502).

Bryn Dinas is situated in the village of Nant Gwynant, on the A498, located on the south side near the foot of Snowdon in the Snowdonia National Park to the east of Beddgelert.



Haven’t been able to post for a couple of days, because of the lack of mobile phone signal.

On thursday, climbed Snowdon itself. 1085metres. (sheet115 SH612543)

Lousy weather, much cloud and wet. so i think it was Snowdon, but i couldnt see. oh, I fell and nearly didn’t get to post this.

The weather looked cloudy, when I set off. Half way up the mountain, cloud completely enveloped and the rain in the wind, was horizontal. I pressed on. The Watkin Path is obvious from the start, but runs out after a bit.

The last slopes of the mountain, is quite steep to the summit. Had a good map, and compass to get the general direction together, to go back. Is is quite possible to go down and end up in completely different valley, miles from where-ever.

Another fear, is that when climbing up, you can gauge your abbility. On the way down, you can end up with cliffs below, and have to keep climbing back up again …..

I had done this for a few goes, when some slate scree, gave way under my boots, and i slide 20 or so feet towards the edge. Wet rocks, and nothing to grip, I want over the edge. Had the scamble that you might expect me to do, when the momentum of the camera in my rucksack, pulled me over the edge.

I quite remember my thoughts now.

“Oh crumbs, this is it!!” perhaps this lot lasted about three seconds i guess, and i fell. about 5 feet.

For fucks sake, this was soooo close, for a a few feet further, ’tis a 300 foot shear face drop.

Several hours of wet and soggy slog down the rest of the slopes and back to the bunk house for a little lie down …… Today was an adventure, matched by a little adrenaline.


Bryn Dinas Bunk House

Nant Gwynant,




LL55 4NH

Phone/Fax : 01766 890234

e-mail : uk

Vince & Annette Webb


Left Beddgelert for some walking, climbing, photoing, north of Betwys-Y-coed.


Weather remained a bit grim.

Now at B and B, between Ruthin and Mold, The Clwyd Gate.


On to Manchester tommorow, for The Gay Pride Parade.

South slops of Snowdon.

Headed SW from the Pass Of Lanberis. Now on mountain, opposite to the one i went up yesterday. Now overlooking Glyder Fawr. Sheet 115 SH625563

am now about height 800m


Gosh, 5 hours to get up here by the long route round, looking for picture angles. Now on summit of Glyder Fawr sheet 115 SH6442580, weather uncertain 999 metres. Bloody high!


Now arrived at the foot of Snowdon range. Camping at Garth Farm. 3 miles west of Capel Curig. (Sheet115 SH702570)

Bit tired after drive. Spliff and bed, me thinks.

More pictures just gone from my phone to FOTOpages


Good weather predicted for this week. So, travelling out today, for a few days in the hills. Walking and taking photographs.

Will post to some piccys from my phone to my CamBlog at:

Strangely enough, there is a webcam up there. you can check the weather, but it’s no good, it’ll be raining by the time you get there.

Hard Rock, The Edge, Q Bar, on to the Gay Bars The Central, @d2. Lads night out, Thought I’d try and use my P800, and share the evenin with ya. Soooooooo bolloxed on Bacardi Rum {again}

Will be maintaining regular photo updates from my phone to this blog:

The ‘Naked Walk’, Steve Gough is doing, is described on his website, as a frequently updated message boad.

Steve Gough Naked Walk: Dialogue

I thought I would bang in an entry,

My post on ‘Naked Rambling on Cubar Edge 15 Aug 2003’

Good luck to you Steve …

Photos on my PhotoBlog at:

Dramatic outcrops of rock, defining the edge of the high ground there.

Oh, I engaged in a little naked rambling there,!! It was such a very nice day. I could thus work on my ‘all over’ tan.


Naked walk from Lands End to John O’Groats

A guy is doing a naked walk from Lands End to John O’Groats in an attempt to get Brits to have a more continental attitude to the human body. He has recently changed his route to traverse the Pennine Way .

See – . See the bottom of his dialogue page for a daily update of his progress. Please support him and tell others

Naked rambler’s ‘freedom of expression’ – BBC News


I very much support the activites of these folks. check them out.

and my blog at:

Day out at Milldale, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK

So much computing of late, so, with the good weather, thought I’d get some altitude, out in the hills, and wander about a bit!

I thought the ducks were a bit ‘forward’, in nicking a large bit of my cheese sarny while i wasn’t looking, but hey, we all gotta live.

These are some of the views that my Sony Ericcson P800 and me, saw, as we so wandered about.

Take a look, and i think you’ll agree, it’s nice there init.

Well dear reader, many of you will know about the Criminal Justices Act 1994 and it’s effects on my communities. Because many english travellers and party-persons, got pushout of this country, and went to Europe. French Government then enacted their own anti-Rave laws, to deal with their own ‘problem’ and to make the counrty ‘less attractive’ to these sorts of folk. Anyway, now the US is going to do the same.

PROTEST AND TEACH IN ABOUT THE RAVE ACT (The Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act)

Sunday August 10, 2003 – Stand Up! Shout Out! San Francisco, CA, Civic Center Courtyard (Noon – 8:00 PM) Organized by the In Touch Collective as a day of music, protest, and education about the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act and other legislation that threatens the electronic dance community. This free gathering will feature speakers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), San Francisco Late Night Coalition (SFLNC), Sister SF, National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and EM:DEF – plus four stages of DJs and performers.

“The RAVE Act” is back – Senate Bill S 226

Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2003 (S.226) :: The RAVE Act Renamed

Became Law April 30, 2003, as part of the PROTECT Act (S.151)

Have just added a photoset, of my work from the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival, over the weekend. Do take a look.

Nottingham Caribbean Carnival :: Day 1

Nottingham Caribbean Carnival :: Day 2

More ‘immediate’ photo-additions, can be viewed on my photo-blog at:

 The Nottingham Caribbean Carnival this weekend is one of the largest outdoor events in the East Midlands. The carnival is a celebration of African/Caribbean cultural heritage as well as celebrating the cultural diversity of Nottingham City life.

It brings you two days of family entertainment, fairground rides, an array of local and regional talents, a wide variety of food stalls, arts and craft stalls, three music tents, a ’Black Arts’ tent presenting various art forms, fun and games and international acts.

On Sunday, August 10, at 2pm, the Big Parade starts from the Forest Recreation Ground and continues along Mansfield Road, Gregory Boulevard, Radford Boulevard, Ilkeston Road, Highhurst Street, Alfreton Road, Bentinck Road, arriving back at the Forest at around 5.30pm. The event takes place from 12noon to 10pm on both days and entry is free

Have been adding to my new photoblog, sending pictures from my phone, to the internet. Here is my ‘immediate’ gallery of the day.

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