This chap is not alone … !

Vincent Bethell founded The Freedom To Be Yourself because he wanted to enhance humanity, and he says, “I’m attempting to make the world a more human place. I have never been, and I will never be a natur-ist or nud-ist. This issue is about ALL HUMANS: every race and every body, the entire human race.”

Body visibility in public often results in discrimination, and such discrimination towards visible human skin is highly irrational and must be stopped. Skin visibility in public is not offensive, disgusting, shameful or a reason for hatred. It’s about celebrating the beauty of our human racial identity, our humanity, our self-awareness; it’s about being human in opposition to dehumanisation. All humans – Every Body!

The natural visual identity of humans is a genetic, unintentional and inherited visual appearance due to the fact that we belong to the human race. Our visual appearance should not cause fear, shame, disgust, hate or persecution. This issue is a HUMANITARIAN ISSUE and the inhuman prejudice and persecution towards human skin should be described as ‘same race racism’, which in this case means racist hatred towards The Human Race (racial hatred towards the genetic visual identity of yourself and other humans).


Please note that not all people share the human racial view of skin visibility and each individual will have their own individual reasons for refusing to wear clothes in public

Naked in public