Oh busy busy. being july in Britain, the summer has only really just got underway, and in another three weeks, it will be autumn, I guess 🙂 Perhaps I exaggerate. But I’m an ‘outdoor type’ and so much I have to do is inside! Including this blog, if you look back through the archives of the previous year [‘cos I’ve been doing this a year now ….] you’ll see that I’ve tried to post more of what I’m up to, and links to new work, and work in progress …… anyway, doing my best.

Stuff going on ……

* More experiments with film speed, low light conditions, handy for surveillance and evidence

* Set up picture taking, and general comms use of my Sony Ericsson p800 mobile phone

* Borrowed a Sony Cybershot ‘point and shoot’ from a mate. Running around taking loads to get an idea of the’issues’ when shooting digital rather than film.

* A whole new exercise in self-portrait.

* Bit of website reorganisation

* ‘Polishing’ of a few recent projects including Stonehenge last month

* Getting stoned and drunk, a few times …….!