A Photo selection from the event.

On these pages, have finished a ‘best edit’ selection from my jaunt to Stonehenge, to celebrate the Summer Solstice, but to sadly miss the festival the was / should be there.

I arrived on the friday afternoon in the Airmans Cross area, a couple of miles west of Stonehenge. Folks were parked up the road, at least 3 miles north and west. On a drive about earlier, had noticed folks gathered in Amesbury and Woodhenge. and a few droves. As usual, most of the lay-bys for a few miles around, coned off.

Some had taken a week or so to get there, the walkers and horse drawn. ‘Twas a hot afternoon and was with the horses till the evening. Police generally un-helpful about allowing advance access to the car park field, for the animals’ comfort. Layers of authority, and hours later, the problem had been passed up the chain of command, resulting in the arrival of a police superintendent. He saw the need, came to an agreement that the vehicle wouldn’t follow, and off they trotted.

Then, numbers still building, we formed a queue before being finally allowed into the car park, now its dark. Thus began our ‘managed access’ to the event. Authorities are soooo alert for the possibility of festival getting established.

This is the record of my time there.

Stonehenge Solstice 2003 :: http://tash.dns2go.com/xtra/stonehenge2003/index.htm

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Pictures taken, live at the event, using a CamPhone.


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