I’d successfully taken a number of pictures with my new Sony-Ericsson Mobile phone. Uploaded them to Indymedia, Guilfin and this blog, at various times while the events at Stonehenge were happening.

This was a first, playing with some of the toys, and I’ve already heard that many had see these pictures, thought that looks nice, seeing it was sunny, and people had happy smiling faces, and thus came out to celebrate.

Me thinks that this is pretty wicked use of this technology.

Front page on Indymedia UK at the moment, http://indymedia.org.uk

English Heritage had decided to open Stonehenge on the wrong day! The Solstice is at 20.10h on Saturday evening, and the Solstice dawn occurs on Sunday June the 22nd. But free access to The Stones will only be permitted from Sat 2.00h to 12.00 h.

Campaigners are demanding full restoration of their traditional rights of free access to Stonehenge and provision of land for camping while attending the Midsummer Solstice Celebration (21-23rd June). To be expected: Music Fun and Agit Prop Morris dancing, with Seize The Day, Headmix, Celtica, Tarantism, Judge Trev, 2000DS and Nik Turner (of Hawkwind), Threefortenpound, RinkyDink + other cycle sound-systems for atmosphere. [Report]

Tash’s mobile phone photos of Saturdays sunrise on his blogs at:

http://tash_lodge.blogspot.com and my CamPhone Blog at: http://www.camblog.com/blog.php?blog=239



Guilfin has some more examples,




So, all this was for ‘immediate communications’. Over the next few days, will be proccess the Black and White, and Colour transparency work, that i’d taked during the event. Will post the ‘proper work’, after a scanning session, on my main website.