Over the May Bank holiday, thousands gathered to a Teknival, and general celebration in Herefordshire.

Just had this email, which gives us all room for hope……


there thought you’d like to know that we now have all our kit back even the box of 23 packets of hula hoops which the police kindly counted for us!

They apparently compiled their case and took it to the cps asking that we be prosecuted and the sound system incinerated but the cps were not in the slightest bit interested and we got a rather sheepish phone call asking if we could come and take it all away.

Still, spending thousands of pounds on helicopters road blocks and coppers to nick 12 lads and then let ’em go again seems to be very much in the public interest and not a complete waste of time money and effort at all…..

cheers for the advice if it ever happens again we’ll be a lot more on the ball about it, although hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. take it easy,


So there you go, makes you wonder what it’s all about. Especially liked the bit about the hula hoops. Though, or what?

UK Teknival. Thousand go, with the usual complaints ……