Still testing sending pictures from my phone, to emails and my blog and these subject stuck me as quite colourful and worthwhile

Just been to Nottingham City Library, to check on a few things … Being a sunny day, thought I’d take a wander through the Hockley area, and just ‘hang out’ for a bit. Chatting to few folks in the street, wandered about and my eye fell on some splendid graffiti and spray art. Brightens the place up no end, eh?

The Jugglers shop on Goosegate has a lovely display at the moment, that really is mad. I mean, I think I know a few people who would really love the ‘Special Brew Hat’ !! Just the sort of ware, some would find appropriate to Glastonbury Festival, and the like.

Does make me wonder what wag, thought of this for the first time 🙂