here is what the BBC had said.

Thousands of people are taking part in an illegal music festival on agricultural land near Leominster in Herefordshire.

Residents living in the hamlets of Upper Ivington and Hyde Ash claimed around 10,000 people were in the area but West Mercia Police have put the figure at about 3,000.

The gathering at Stretford Court began on Saturday evening and one person has been taken to Hereford General Hospital suffering from the affects of drugs or alcohol.

Local residents have complained of excessive noise and traffic problems in the area.

‘Turn-back’ policy

Nobody has been arrested but West Merica police say they are operating a “turn-back” policy to prevent more people arriving at the site.

A spokesman for the force said they are advising people who are thinking of attending the event, which has been staged illegally, to stay away.

Christine Rosearsh’s house in Hyde Ash is near to where the event is taking place.

She told BBC News Online: “I was out in my garden on Saturday and could hear bits of music and vehicles and it gradually increased throughout the night. It’s a nightmare.

“I didn’t get any sleep and I’ve been told this could last up to three days.”

Mrs Rosearsh said she first phoned the police about 2200 BST on Saturday to complain and made two further calls – the last at 0415 BST – only to be told the police were “monitoring” the situation.

“I’m hopping mad and nobody seems to be helping.

“When I looked out my window at four this morning I was scared because I could see all these people everywhere.

‘Environmental hazard’

“Apparently the entrance to the rave had been blocked off by police and the people were trying to find places nearby to get in.

Local residents have complained about vehicles and mess

“They were opening the gates to fields to get through and leaving them open. The cows were getting out and a neighbour who has young calves was going demented.”

She added: “When I phoned the police, they said they were aware of the rave and that it was unauthorised but could not do anything about it at that time.

“We live right in the middle of the countryside and the lanes around my house are very narrow and they’re all being blocked. Apart from that, people are going to the toilet where they can so it’s an environmental hazard.”

But the partygoers are more laid back about inconvenience to local people.

One said: “I feel a bit of remorse towards them but I think it’s worth it because there are so many people having a good time that I reckon it outweighs a few people being disturbed.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to smash down fences, and normally people are quite good at tidying up the rubbish and stuff.”

It is believed the land where the rave is being held is in receivership and is being sold by Barclay’s Bank.

Officials from Herefordshire Council are currently in meetings with the emergency services about the situation.