Well, one day perhaps. This not real yet, but they have ‘staked their webspace’ and it gives an idea of the possibilities ……… I was especially attracted that you would be able to get their service, at the end of a WAP phone

iToke WAP

Buy your cannabis online… (Independent, 30 October 2000) By Gail Robinson

So far you can only get the T-shirt, but the founders of iToke think it’s just a matter of time.

The image of a typical cannabis smoker uncannily matches that of atypical Net-user – thirtysomething members of the slacker generation looking to rebel, but in a mild way.

Tim Freccia and Mike Tucker are the founders of iToke (, an Amsterdam-based website that aims to make the whole process of buying pot safe and respectable.

Pay a visit to the iToke site and you’ll see why some Amsterdam coffeehouse owners have accused them of attempting to Amazonify the coffee-shop scene. The stylish iToke website has been designed to look like a mix of Apple’s online store and Starbucks’ coffee site.

The buying process seems simple, you get yourself a rechargeable iToken, which works much like a phone card. Then you place your order via the website or over the phone or by using a WAP phone (two grams max, I’m afraid). A bicycle courier delivers your cannabis and if it doesn’t get there within 30 minutes then, just like pizza deliveries, you get your goods for free.

The only problem is that this revolutionary service was meant to launch in Amsterdam on 1 September, but currently the only thing that you are able to buy is an iToke T-shirt. Co-founder Tim Freccia explains: “We made a strategic decision not to launch for a couple of reasons. The biggest was because of the amount of publicity we’d had over the last few months, we thought we would have a media circus. The second reason was we were getting mail from a certain sector of the Amsterdam coffee-shop community that seemed to indicate that we were being misconceived.”

ON DAY .. .. .. .. .. ..