Protest and celebrate at English Heritages decision to open the monument on the wrong day! Actual solstice on 22nd June, but officially only open on the 21st.

Tempory solstice car park open from 12.00am to 4pm (last admittance 11am) on Saturday 21st June.

Free accesss to the stones (subject to security searches) Stones open from from 2.00am to noon Saturday 21st June 2003 (as of 5th of May still no confirmation officially of access times from English Heritage).

Unfortunately the solstice dawn occurs on the 22nd and festival campaigners intend to protest at the decision to deny access with music fun and agit prop morris dancing… The campaigners are demanding full restoration of their traditional rights of free access to Stonehenge and provision of land for camping while attending the summer solstice celebration from the 21st to Sunday 22nd of June 2003, Acoustic musicians and groups wanting to participate in the celebration should contact Seize the day, Headmix Celtica and Nik Turner are some of the groups who have already agreed to play.Bring a drum a guitar, and join in the fun for the future of the stonehenge solstice celebration.

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English Heritage have just announced their list of restrictions for the event. There is a shed load, as usual. Take a peek at: