‘Three days after Mayday’ – Mayday march in Nottingham, Meet at Forest Fields, poor start to the march, with the Socialist Workers folk, selling mags to other Socialist Workers folk. !!!!!!!! Chants down with …… Bush Blair etc etc ….. Oh god, if that all, it is so off-putting. I think we ‘cracked’ all this years ago, with sounds / music, like when having anti-CJA protests, and the Reclaim the Streets. They were a pleasure to attend. With few speeches 🙂

Have added this latest Mayday Demo to the Nottingham ‘Collected’ Work at:

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Also, I thought I’d draw your attention to a couple of earlier links on Indymedia. The mainstream media coverage of the events in London, were exactly as you might have expected, but for a more accurate and balanced view, suggest those interested should look of the tales and stories on Indymedia UK at:

http://uk.indymedia.org were there is five shed-loads about it all.

More locally, Sheffield had there own adventures on Thursday, complete with BNP / election trouble, a sound system, being up front in opposition to these folks.



Violence flared up at Sheffield City Hall as the BNP candidate arrived.

by oi 8:07pm Thu May 1 ’03 (Modified on 7:18am Fri May 2 ’03)

Police protect nazi’s outside Sheffield City Hall

Sheffield’s trollyd sound system crew began their Mayday protest in Barkers Pool at 6.30pm playing Not In Our Name by Saul Williams on a loop, after ten minutes we were directed to the town hall by two police men and told if we didn’t go we would be arrested, the danger being we might start a rave. We wheeled off to park up under the arched entrance of the town hall. The potential ravers (young skaters?) following, At 8pm a small posse of anti nazi league persons arrived with the intention of preventing the B.N.P candidates entering the Town Hall for vote counting. Word shot round saying we were in the wrong place, B.N.P arriving at City Hall, off we set to wait with our dancing smiling baton twirling entourage escorting us beats bouncing off the buildings either side. At 9pm two B.N.P candidates arrived who were immediately surrounded by protesters and forced away from the entrance to angry chants of “nazi scum.” The two policemen protecting them were very quickly reinforced by around fifty more in riot vans who immediately began shoving protesters away from the B.N.P and entrance to City Hall, trollyd crew were pushed over, two were grabbed and thrown against the wall, police angry and told one he was under arrest however was soon de arrested. As the police outnumbered the protestors trollyd posse decided to call it a day.

Fuck the police



Unfortunately, this bunch of hippies, were much on their own. And, in my opinion, they did a sterling job, with little or no support. [even some criticism, if you read the comments on Indymedia page!!]

I think we need something similar, here in Nottingham. MUSIC ………

a samba band, a sound system, a reggae outfit, a pipe band, a Handel or Bach Ensemble, I mean just something to tap the foot and help engage people, in addition / instead of, yet more speeches !!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, while there on Indymedia, you might like to look at a contribution of the ‘Visual Arts’ to protest.

Sheffield Photo exhibit protest mayday 2003 IndyMedia UK


there are several pages, after this entry, and gives an idea of possibility.