So mayday is nearly upon us again….. and, London again!

Am told that there is a strong anti-war theme, this time round.

2pm: Main meet up @ Lockheed Martin [the biggest arms company in the world]

corner of High Holborn &Endell St, WC1.

In the past, it has turned into a bit on annual punch up with the Metropolitan Police. They have had 6000 officers on the line, in the past.

This year the MP say:

What to expect?

“Thursday 1st May 2003 will once again see Central London as the site for a number of demonstrations by groups and individuals aligned with anarchist, anti-capitalist, environmental and pacifist ideals, as well as a number of non-aligned individuals.

We will have a policing operation in place with sufficient resources to be able to deal with whatever it occurs …….”

Oh god …. here we go again.

May Day 2003 advice to businesses and local communities

What to expect?

This is the ‘general advice’ – been the same for a few years …

Protest Action: Guidance paper for personal safety

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