A really bright and sunny day!

These last few weeks, I’ve been sat in front of the computer, correlating my anti war pictures / work.. [see earlier entries in this blog]. So, as summer has arrived early, [well for the next few days, anyway!] thought I would take my bike out, into the Peak District. There are many cycle tracks, created from the old railway tracks, that serviced the brick kilns and quarries of the area.

Lovely way to see some of englands finest countryside, oh, and being railway tracks, they don’t go up and down that much!!

Started out from Middleton Top, nr Wirksworth


then cycled north west to the very end of the off-road track at Dowlow, couple of miles south of Buxton. A run of about 18 miles. Oh, then i had to go back again……..

Dowlow is a farm on the map. Absolutely nothing there on the moor. except this rikety old gate across the track and old sign the says “End of High Peak Trail”.

Gosh! I was a bit surprised. I thought it might have been marked with a shop full of ice cream, a cairn, a visitor centre, I mean, something at least!

So, anyway, took this picture, and cycled back again ……

For more info on the trail, check out