Called by the Stop the War Coalition, the Muslim Association of Britain and CND.

Assemble York Rd, Waterloo, 12pm.

Our national protests get coverage all over the globe – let’s show the world the anti-war movement hasn’t gone away.

I do think that it is important to protest, at the continuation of the war. However, speaking personally, I don’t know if yet another London demo is going to ‘do it’. The object of such a march, is to demonstrate to our political masters, the degree of public objection to their activities. However, it is a feature of the news, within the numbers game, to show waning numbers as an indicator of such support. And, I have no idea at all, why were doing it in London, again. What about some kind of ‘inclusion’ of the rest of the country. I hate the place.

It strikes me, that this method is not stopping anything! It is not working, and the indicators of the numbers involved, is not affecting the democratic equations. I think it apparent that we’re past all this, and quite agree with those, ‘standing in the way’ of the machine! Just my opinion, but I know plenty still think yet another protest is required. I wish them well, of course.

This is my work from the first Stop the War demo in London on 15th February.