This happens to me from time to time. Folks say I shouldn’t be photographing people in a public place, without asking for their permission. On February 15, I photographed TWO MILLION people, that would have lead to an aweful lot of conversations! But really, it is only the police and a few nits, that seem to adopt this attitude.

Anyway, I’ve “put ’em straight”, and a few folks have stepped forward to help me out. I say thanks very much to them.

It is of course, such posts, that have lead to me being attacked in the past, and last time, having ALL my teeth knocked out!!!!!

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Postings on Nottingham ‘Stop thge War lists

Subject: Photographs

Regarding the posting/s by Alan Lodge.

Dear Mr.Lodge.

As you may or may not know, the extreme right-wing internet site Redwatch (covering the domain names .org/.net/ is becoming increasingly professional in its coverage of ‘left-wing’ activities – now extended to include anti-war protestors.

When they have been successful in matching photographs and/or names and addresses the persons involved have usually been subject to physical attack, and in some cases have been forced to move address. These have by no means been isolated examples. The photographs taken by Redwatch at Nottingham Prison clearly identify several individuals.

Some of your photographs, for example the ones taken at Chetwynd barracks, clearly identify individuals. I hope that in future you will agree that it would be preferable to stick to general crowd scenes for the reasons mentioned above.



and ……


I was just looking at Alan’s photos and wondering if the people he had taken pictures of knew that their image would be on the web? I think people should be aware that their picture is being taken and that they consent to the image being put on the web.


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My response: photography in the street IS allowed!

Thank you all very much for your support. I have been contacted by many other anti-war groups, with respect to their own photography of local actions, no one else is ’embarrassed’ by their presence in standing up for the issues at hand.

Have photographed protest and actions for XXX years 🙂 it is interesting that this is the first time such objection has been noted. Just a few from Nottingham.

Oh, I forgot. and the police. So many officers who are also embarrassed by their activities in the street have also tried to actively prevent my photography. A thorough view of my website, might illustrate why.

They have tried various ploys including their right of privacy (ie. stood there in a public place in uniform! ), and a mis-reading of the Human rights act.

Gosh, don’t you hear it sometimes.

I am an anti-war protester, and am using my muscles, behind the issue as well as I am able. I think successfully, because of the positive feedback I have been getting, and people telling me that the work is ’empowering’ to folks involved. Except some people on this list.

To set the record straight. If you are in a public place, I have a ‘right’ to photograph exactly what I want, AND to use as I see fit. I am allowed to do anything I like, that is not against the law. Not into censorship, as I have also pointed out to the authorities, when they try to stop me.

Personally I’m proud to be involved in these issues and am surprised that some are not.

I also know that there is an issue with the right-wing, in the shape of redwatch and their sort. They are not only interested in protestors, the left etc, but also photographers. A friend had his own picture taken from his website and used to try and intimidate him by inclusion on the bastards site. It has also happened to me! I told him this had happened, I reported this to my union [NUJ], then I made a complaint to the police [ie. harassment, put in fear and distress etc] and employed solicitors to bring action against them for its removal.

My point is. I am allowed to photograph in a public place. However, if there was mis-use of my photography, but such folk, ie if they nick work of my site for intimidation reasons, I would stand up for it, and go after them. Perhaps some might find the legal threats page on redwatch, enlightening.

I hope that clarifies the situation.

Thank you so much to those that see the value of what I’m trying to do.

* * * * * *

In support, jonny and others chimed in. Hopefully, this settles it 🙂

Date: Wed Apr 9, 2003 3:59 am

Subject: Re:Press enquiry – RAF Cottesmore: LITTLE BRO

Dear N0012693,

the police,media & fash photograph all of us, tash is one of the only littlr brother dedicated activist photographers around. He has saved countless lives for nearly 40yrs in court cases etc & stopped police from attacking & abusing thousands of times with aid of intelligence & a camera.

I have never seen a photo published by tash that could be used to prosecute an activist, & fascists can get our photos from their mates in the police or from the media. We live in a state surveliance society, the way to survive is to turn it back on them & as Tash proves this tactic works!

He comes from a travelling community that has mostly been forced to flee this country due to state terror after beanfield & cja etc. He is one of only people to accurateley record our peace movement from the inside

are aia & N0012693 severley paranoid? or you coppers? real or sleeping?, if so kiss my bush!

Personally I am proud to be photographed by tash, I dont like to be photographed by fascists, policemen.

Tash needs our support, he does not get paid for his proffesional photography or for being an original organiser of events like glastonbury.

He has been attacked physically by thugs on “our side”, we only usually have to defend fellow activists from coppers on demos, but we will protect comrades from agent provacetuers & idiots if necessary too!

if you really dont want to be photographed by tash tell him, he will more than likely stop unless you are in a police uniform at the time.

respect the tash man!

for peace & love,

jonny m

I think this, quite an endorsement. [if the 40 years is a little exagerated :-)]

Thanks for sticking up for us guys. Hope I’ve heard the last of it all, back to the bloody issues!