People gathered from Leicester, Nottingham, Loughborough, Grantham. They came together at the gates of RAF Cottesmore in Rutland, to protest at the continuation of the war in Iraq. It was a very peaceful gathering / event, displaying banners and placards with an anti-war message. There was a small ‘counter demonstration’ from some of the base families there, in pleading support for the troops, committed there on operations.

There was some discussion about the issues, the prime mis-conception being that anti-war protesters were ‘against the airman and troops’. In fact, it was pointed out that this was not the case, but were against their current application and deployments.

The protest at Cottesmore on Sunday and at RAF Stafford that I attended on Saturday, were part of the ‘Reclaim the Bases’ anti-war action.

Reclaim the Bases

All designed to highlight the concerns felt by many about these issues.

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On saturday, I had gone to Stafford. Meet in the market Square, where we formed up a march, with a Samba Band and everything. Arrived at RAF Stafford, a base concerned with the logistical support of current operations

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