Reclaim the bases is an event – aiming at stopping/disrupting the war machine across the UK. If you want to organise something for the weekend at your local military base (going in, blockade, vigil, symbolic weapon’s inspection, or anything else) on an autonomous basis, and would like to coordinate with other groups (press work, mobilisation material, etc.), get in touch with us and/or join the mailing list.

Reclaim the bases actions should not harm or dehumanise other people


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These are some of the planned event, though I imagine your allowed to think up your own.

Anyway, this is what I think I’m doing:

Saturday April 5th. Assemble at 12:45 at Stafford market square for the march, or at 14:00 at the base.

RAF Stafford (Stafford, Staffordshire) March, Reflective ceremony at RAF. Bring objects, poems, etc. to share and attach to the fence.

The Tactical Supply Wing is at RAF Stafford. Over 100 men and women have gone to the Gulf to maintain the battlefield helicopter force, including fuel resupply, storage and delivery. It will be an integral part of the deployments being made by all 3 forces. Stafford is also the major Equipment Supply Depot, and provides transport assistance for unit moves, and the handling of large or abnormal loads.

Phone : 0845 3303877 / 07960 030038 (Alsion Crane) The event also includes a Vigil at Stafford market square (12:00 to 13:00) and a nonviolence workshop (10:30 to 12:00 Friend meeting house, Foregate street)

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Sunday 6th of April, 2pm to 4pm.

RAF Cottesmore Vigil (Bring banners, placards, etc.)

RAF Cottesmore is a key component of Joint Force Harrier, and is currently home to three squadrons of Harrier GR7 aircraft. A significant element of the Harrier force is now in the Gulf.

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email or phone 0116 220 3944