It’s a splendid award and Undercurrents video is one of the winners this year

2003 Big Brother Awards: The Winners

By Drew Cullen

The Register

Privacy International today announced the winners of the 2003 Big Brother Awards. One of the judges, estimable Dr Ian Brown of the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR), writes: “It was alternatively amusing and depressing to be one of the judges for these awards. RIP and data retention played a large part in our deliberations…”

Here is Privacy International/FIPR’s press release in full.

The judges of the 5th annual UK Big Brother Awards have today (Tuesday 25th March) announced this year’s shameless winners.

The awards are presented each year by Privacy International to the most persistent and egregious privacy invaders in Britain. From their inception in London in 1998 they are now an annual event in fifteen


THE WINSTON WINNERS On a more upbeat and encouraging note, the judges each year give a number of Winston Awards to individuals and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to the protection of rights and privacy. This year those winners are:

Posthumously, to the greatly respected Dr Roger Needham

Teri Dowty, Joint national coordinator, Childrens Rights Alliance for England and Wales

Marion Chester, Legal Director, Association of Community Health Councils of England and Wales


Richard Norton-Taylor and Stuart Millar of the Guardian


Privacy International offers its best wishes and gratitude to these champions of privacy. Their contribution has made a huge difference to the defence of rights in the UK. ®

* * * * * *

I won a ‘Winston’, on the first year of the existance of this award.

The 1998 UK Big Brother Awards: London, 26 October 1998

Privacy International