Sheffield Mobile Sound System

sheffield’s trollyd crew came together for their first outing back in 2001 but had been knocking around together for a few years doing small-scale parties and community events. we’ve been around a bit… havin been involved in free parties/soundsysytems/pirate radio… arts projects/workers’ co-ops… politics/protest/green stuff.

since the first sheffield anti-war demo [dec01] we’ve participated in critical mass [bike actions]… mayday sheffield… the second london anti-war demo 02 and numerous ‘static’ events… stonehenge 02… big green gathering 02 [briefly].

trolley itself is currently in its second incarnation… the first trolley was an old steel works number but was borrowed from a mate… the current one is custom built with a battery box underneath… sadly though we’ve got axle problems at the mo and might be looking for a replacement…

The Guys have a background with Smokesceen, and were one of the outfits, that came together in opposing the Criminal Justice Act. We did many gigs and events as ‘ALL Systems!!’