We,ll it’s nice to know that the government have got our welfare in hand. This site ukresiliance seems to be quite comprehensive …. !



This is the website of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office. It provides links to government and non-government sources on a wide variety of emergencies and crises that can affect the UK, plus emergency planning guidance and government information.


The site is run by GICS Operations (Government Information and Communication Service), part of the UK government Cabinet Office, for the Civil Contingencies Secretariat. The CCS is a co-ordinating body and centre of expertise set up to improve the resilience of Central Government and of the UK

The site will respond to emergencies in the same way with up-to-date news and guidance, plus briefings and links. In addition, the content has been revised and enlarged to provide a broad range of information on a variety of possible emergencies, with links to government departments, agencies, and other bodies who provide help and assistance.

BUT I watched BBC Panorama : Frontline Britain on sunday night and they certainly don’t think its all in hand, by no means.