Am so pleased and amazed. They did it!!!!!!!!!! Hundreds of people ‘PARTY’ on a Central Line train> On the London Tube system. Just like ‘Reclaim the Streets’ they’re about the taking back of space for the public. anbd have a good time while doing it ……

First off, a massive “thank you” to those who attended and made this the incredible success it was!

After receiving over 3,000 hits to the website on the day of the party alone we had no idea what would happen, except that it would be fun. At 19:45 Friday 14 March 2003 a gigantic troupe of folks made their way to Liverpool St and boarded the first available Circle Line train (via Tower Hill). The moment we knew we’d “arrived” was when an announcement was made,

Will the passengers on Platform 1 please make full use of the available area and move up the platform.

We’re not entirely sure, but suspect this might’ve been something to do with 600 people down waiting for the rear carriages…

It wasn’t long before the band had warmed up, coloured gels were applied to the lights, the bar was open (entirely passenger provided, of course) and the Circular tunes spinning… The party was in full swing for nearly two full circuits, finally stopping at Moorgate, one stop before our starting point.

Thanks to the Space Hijackers, Robin & Helen, Ricky the DJ, Russ Vandeburg (Pete), Paul, Alex, Saul & Lottie, Stephen, Arthur, Rhythms of Resistance, and all the wonderful people who provided “refreshment”, balloons, snacks, encouragement, and especially to those who kindly helped us keep the litter under control.

What an incredible night!

Reclaim the Streets