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Have been experimenting, with photoshops automated outputs, producing more ‘Web-Galleries’

Links here, are to a few set I’ve just made at London’s Demo on the 15th Feb and Nottingham’s Stop the War march, last saturday. Some views and graffiti around the city. A show with samples of work from various ‘Reclaim the Streets actions in Nottingham .. .. .. and a 250 picture set of scenes from various RTS actions, around the country. Trying to reclaim ‘public space’, if only for the afternoon!. Portraits of people involved, their surveillance. Convoy, Festivals and Stonehenge. My ‘sketch’ on ‘the scene’, in fact 🙂

Stop the War Protest: London 15th Feb 2003 [sepia toned set]

Stop the War Protest: Nottingham 8th March 2003 [sepia toned set]

Nottingham ‘Graffiti and city scenes’

‘Reclaim the Streets’: Nottingham [blue toned set]

‘Reclaim the Streets’: 250 ‘selected’ [sepia toned set]

Portraits 150 [sepia toned set]

Portraits Colour 100set

Travellers / Convoy 150 [sepia toned set]

Stonehenge 150set

surveillance 100set