World Heritage Site threatened by roadbuilding scheme!

“…barbaric… No other country in the world would contemplate treating a site which is a world icon in such a way.” Lord Kennet

One of the world’s most famous heritage sites, Stonehenge, is threatened by a massive and highly destructive road-building scheme:

The British Government’s Department for Transport is planning to widen the A303 highway that runs close to the monument.

The result will effectively be the “M303”: a four-lane dual carriageway from London to the West Country cutting right through the heart of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

Only the central 2km (1 mile) of the new road nearest to the henge would be placed in a tunnel. Outside the tunnel, two thirds of the World Heritage Site would be permanently divided by two noisy and unsightly dual carriageways (four-lane highways), securely fenced and with long cuttings leading down to tunnel entrances, lit day and night.

The stone circle will not be harmed, but its landscape setting will be badly damaged and other important archaeological remains will be destroyed.

The road would have major ecological impacts.