“I’ve never said this before: non-violent resistance to the government will show they cannot claim to do this in our name. We should stop the buses, stop the trains, stop the schools”

Tony Benn

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If it starts during the evening

Currently we think this is the most likely.

We will activate a phone tree to get as many people as possible out early the next morning on the main routes into Nottingham, to display placards, drop banners from the bridges and leaflet the traffic.

Plans for this are being coordinated on the web site http://www.nottmagainstwar.org.uk

We will encourage people to do what they can during that day, whether at work, college, school, or where they live.

Then go to the Market Square as soon as you can after work. Assemble from 5:00pm for the rally.

If it starts late at night, early morning or during the day

Go to the Market Square as soon as you can after work.

People will start assembling there from 5:00pm.

We will have a rally and make plans for the following morning

National Demonstration

The Stop the War Coalition are going to call a national demonstration in London on the first weekend after the start of hostilities. We will rush to get transport arranged from Nottingham.

The best way to keep in touch with what we are doing is to visit the website http://www.nottmagainstwar.org.uk regularly, and get yourself onto our email list, but we do understand that not everyone can do this, and we will try to keep in touch over the phone.

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March for Peace

Saturday 8th March 12.00 pm


Nottingham Marches Against War

We will gather at the Forest Recreation Ground at 12:00 noon and march down the Mansfield Road, Lower Parliament Street and Queen Street for a Protest Rally in the Market Square.

Window Poster for this demo 8th March

Window Poster

Chetwynd Barracks – March and Picket

Saturday 15th March 11.00 am

Beeston Square/Chetwynd Barracks

Chetwynd Barracks, at Chilwell, near Nottingham, is the national mobilisation centre for the TA and reservists. It is where they are being trained, equipped and receiving medical treatment and innoculations prior to being sent to the Gulf. It has already been the focus of several local actions, and we are now calling a regional/national action on Saturday March 15th. There will be a rally in Beeston Square followed by a march to Chilwell Main Gate, where there will be a picket, street theatre and the opportunity for non-violent direct action and “citizens weapons inspections” to take place. People are asked to assemble at 11am in Beeston Square and we expect to reach the Barracks at 12.30pm. Please bring banners, placards, drums, whistles. Please contact 07762 64 34 74


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Media Workers Against the War http://www.mwaw.org

My main page for this work: http://tash.dns2go.com/stopwar.htm



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