National Demonstrations at USAF Fairford (Gloucestershire) & Menwith Hill (North Yorkshire) Military Bases have been called for Sat 22nd March.


FURTHER FAIRFORD INFO: http://www.gwi.org.uk

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Saturday 22 Foil the Base

Menwith Hill, Yorkshire. Transport from Manchester. A day of peaceful creative direct action, music, speakers and a tour at the US military base Menwith Hill would play a crucial role in any war on Iraq. As the largest electronic monitoring station in the world it picks up communications from satellites covering the Middle East – it even won an award for its eavesdropping in the last Gulf War. It is the ‘brains’ of any attack on Iraq. Menwith is also a key base for the project of long-term military aggression – ‘Star Wars’. To ‘foil the base’ (disrupt satellite signals at the base) there has to be as much foil in the air as possible. Bring foil kites, foil balloons, foil puppets; use your imagination! Make your demonstrations visible at the real heart of the military machine; if only a fraction of the people marching in London take action at military bases the war will become unworkable.

Info: Neighbours Against War (07905 913 139, mail@now-peace.org.uk); transport (07816 420 391)

· Police have begun to use Section 60 powers to stop and search protesters at Fairford. A Section 60 gives uniformed police the power to cordon a group of people, search for supposed weapons, and confiscate items that conceal your identity (masks, balaclavas, etc.) If you are stopped under s60, ask who authorised it and what locality it covers. You DO NOT have to give the police your name and address or answer any other questions. If asked anything, it’s always advisable to answer NO COMMENT to all questions. They cannot use force to take your photo. And if they do search you (which unfortunately s60 gives them the power to do), ask the officer for their name, number and station. If they don’t give it to you, the search will be illegal. Full details: www.wombles.org.uk/files/section60.php