By way of an explaination, as to why this cannot be viewed anymore from the ‘videos section’.

Had receieved the following in complaint.


‘The Spirit of Albion’

A lifestyle piece: On Travellers leaving the country in anticipation of the Public Order Act . Channel 4. 1986. 58mins

found at [ NOW REMOVED ]


This is film is copyright.

Our distributors have alerted us to this link.

All parties contributing to this film were paid according to contacted copyright agreements.

No rights have been cleared for web streaming.

Please let me know from where you have obtained permission for the rights that you are exercising over this material.

We would also like to know how long this clip has been streamed on the internet.

Likewise, whether you or any agent authorised by you has been selling copies of this film.

As a photographer, I am sure you would not want others to have free and unrestricted access to or personal or commercial gain from work that you have originated.

I take the same view and the film’s distributors are exceptionally concerned with any breach of copyright which they regard as theft.

Please forward copies of any correspondence in which you have been provided with permission to use any clips from or copies of “Spirit of Albion”.


Richard Philpott

Zooid Pictures Limited



Z O O I D P I C T U R E S are your

* instant media department

* providing a unique Complete Picture Service

* saving you time & money

* guaranteeing your schedule and budget


then, in ‘mitigation, I said ……..


Hello Richard.

my name is Alan Lodge [tash]. We met during the making of the film. I am a still photographer with interest in Stonehenge, the festival and travelling people. You will know that I took the stills for the film and agree that I was paid.

I am sorry to cause any offence, it was not my intention.

I have only just learned how to stream video work, and though I would put it up for view. [been there from just before xams]

a) because I’m proud of my contribution to it

b) have for years been involved in the welfare and help at such events and thought it a contribution to this debate.

The image size is 320×240 and as so, is hardly viewable with any quality. I thus didn’t think that because of this, and the above points that I would be treading on anyone toes.

Now you have explained that I am. I apologise and will remove if you wish.

All I would ask, is that you realise that my motive was not theft, but information on these issues.

Tell me to take down, and will be done.

Alan Lodge [tash]


and this was the reply! with a great pile of conditions.


Hi Alan

You may take this message as my agreement to your streaming a maximum of 10 minutes from the film on your site. Could you please confirm

A. that no video in excess of ten minutes nor in excess of 320 x 240 pixels will be streamed and

B. that no sales or commercial gain will be made from any copies (inclusingVHS) of the film and

C. a hyperlink to will be prominent and adjacent to any reference to the film

I accept that your motives were honourable, but I would warn you that you are on VERY shaky ground with all these OTHER clips, too!

My company acts as copyright consultants and content providers for many publishers and broadcasters, and I can assure you that most companies will definitely not take any educational value or goodwill or public-spiritedness or the pixel dimensions of the image into account when judging breaches of copyright. This is a terribly sensitive area, with Napster being just one small but well-known pawn in the game! I know you mean well, but please be warned!

The fact is that EVERYONE, regardless of intention, has to pay and/or have a contract for use. We clear rights for all sorts of purposes including many with good- and charitable intentions and for educational purposes, but we ALWAYS have to pay!

Take care!

Richard Philpott


Bugger me!


Again, am sorry for any upset. My motives still remain, an explanation of our case with so many opposed to the lifestyle and the issues. I have just removed the link.


So, there you have it! Because people do it to me, I know a little of copyright, use of work etc….. and I know that legally, I was plain and simply wrong. BUT really, a 320×240 bearly visable video, and when you thing about the motivation and the subject matter, boody heck!! and I contributed quite a few pictures to the film, you thus would think his attitude be different. But legally, I’m wrong. Something needs looking at here. Legal / moral / use / digital :: ::