March 2003

It’s a splendid award and Undercurrents video is one of the winners this year

2003 Big Brother Awards: The Winners

By Drew Cullen

The Register

Privacy International today announced the winners of the 2003 Big Brother Awards. One of the judges, estimable Dr Ian Brown of the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR), writes: “It was alternatively amusing and depressing to be one of the judges for these awards. RIP and data retention played a large part in our deliberations…”

Here is Privacy International/FIPR’s press release in full.

The judges of the 5th annual UK Big Brother Awards have today (Tuesday 25th March) announced this year’s shameless winners.

The awards are presented each year by Privacy International to the most persistent and egregious privacy invaders in Britain. From their inception in London in 1998 they are now an annual event in fifteen


THE WINSTON WINNERS On a more upbeat and encouraging note, the judges each year give a number of Winston Awards to individuals and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to the protection of rights and privacy. This year those winners are:

Posthumously, to the greatly respected Dr Roger Needham

Teri Dowty, Joint national coordinator, Childrens Rights Alliance for England and Wales

Marion Chester, Legal Director, Association of Community Health Councils of England and Wales


Richard Norton-Taylor and Stuart Millar of the Guardian


Privacy International offers its best wishes and gratitude to these champions of privacy. Their contribution has made a huge difference to the defence of rights in the UK. ®

* * * * * *

I won a ‘Winston’, on the first year of the existance of this award.

The 1998 UK Big Brother Awards: London, 26 October 1998

Privacy International

The Activists’ Legal Project provides information about the law to people who are thinking of taking direct action, or who have taken direct action.

We provide briefing sheets and workshops by activists with first hand experience of the criminal and civil justice systems in Britain. We are not laywers or solicitors although we consult with them. The Activists’ Legal Project is run by volunteers.

Some of my own legal adventures –

Bust Advice –

Protest Advice –

Just checked my ‘site statistics’ for my ‘Stop the War’ webpages at:

A few entries ago, in this blog, I introduced the work I had made from the ‘Foil the Base’ protest at RAF Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire.

So, just after circulating a note to say I’d put the work online, I found it interesting that I’d be visited by someone with address. Menwith Hill ‘listening Station’ is of course, a United States military asset.

Expect the front door to come down shortly …… !

I’ll put the kettle on .. .. .. !!

This kind of reply gets generated from time to time. Thought i’d share this with you ……..


Very good photography but would be interesting to see a “4,790 lb

Cluster Bomb” explosion over the top of these yellow, cowardly


Perhaps they would all like to live under the rule of Saddam.

The Old Chief KS wrote:

> Photography, stop the war, protest, actions, festivals, party etc etc ……

Pro-peace messages are being posted on websites

More than 20,000 websites have been hacked since the war on Iraq began according to one security firm.

Photography, stop the war, protest, actions, festivals, party etc etc ……

STOP THE WAR: Main page for [Photo Gallery :: Photoshop Gallery :: Streaming ‘Slide-Show’] at:


Have added more work to my website, and thought I’d put this note about, to say so ….!

I hope you find all interesting and that you enjoy the photos and shows.

Still very much ‘work in progress!”

The latest added, is work that I’ve just finished scanning from:

‘Foil the Base’ protest demo at RAF Menwith Hill, nr Harrogate, North Yorkshire. on Saturday 22nd March 2003.

Also covered on these pages is photography of ‘STOP THE WAR’ events from the London Demo [15feb], Nottingham Demos [8 – 20mar], Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell [15mar], Army Careers office gets ‘painted’, Graffiti and banners, RAF Menwith Hill [22mar], and ‘streaming’ shows with interviews, speeches etc.

‘Direct links’ to the coverage of these issues:

Main Page

London Demo

Nottingham Demos

Chetwynd Barracks

Menwith Hill ‘Foil the Base’

Nottingham Anti-war graffiti

Armed Service Office ‘painted’

Photoshop Gallery

‘Streaming’ Shows

London Demo [with soundtrack]

Web-Galleries [10sec change]



[Slideshow :: Video :: Performance]


[Info :: Photography :: History :: Events]


[stuff what happens, when it happens]


Hope you enjoy




Tashs’ Festival, Travellin’ and Environmental Archives.

I am a photographer with a special interest to document the lives of travelling people and those attending Festivals, Stonehenge etc, what the press often describe as ‘New Age Travellers’.

With my photography, I have tried to say something of the wide variety of people engaged in ‘Alternatives’, and youths’ many sub-cultures and to present a more positive view.

I have photographed many free and commercial events and have, in recent years, extended my work to include dance parties (‘rave culture’), gay-rights events, environmental direct actions, and protest against the Criminal Justice Act and more recently, issues surrounding the Global Capitalism.

Further, police surveillance has recently become a very important subject for me!

I am based in Nottingham, UK



Photographer – Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham. UK



WAP phone

ICQ #24654598

My Blog!


My WAP on web

Member of the National Union of Journalist


“It is not enough to curse the darkness.

It is also necessary to light a lamp!!”


OS Grid Ref: SK 575414 – Lat/Lon: 52:58:03N, 1:08:38W

Sheffield Mobile Sound System

sheffield’s trollyd crew came together for their first outing back in 2001 but had been knocking around together for a few years doing small-scale parties and community events. we’ve been around a bit… havin been involved in free parties/soundsysytems/pirate radio… arts projects/workers’ co-ops… politics/protest/green stuff.

since the first sheffield anti-war demo [dec01] we’ve participated in critical mass [bike actions]… mayday sheffield… the second london anti-war demo 02 and numerous ‘static’ events… stonehenge 02… big green gathering 02 [briefly].

trolley itself is currently in its second incarnation… the first trolley was an old steel works number but was borrowed from a mate… the current one is custom built with a battery box underneath… sadly though we’ve got axle problems at the mo and might be looking for a replacement…

The Guys have a background with Smokesceen, and were one of the outfits, that came together in opposing the Criminal Justice Act. We did many gigs and events as ‘ALL Systems!!’

‘Foil the Base’ RAF Menwith Hill. North Yorkshire on Saturday 22nd March.

Have now finished scanning iof this work, and you can see a ‘best edit’ web-gallery at:

A slightly smaller version, but with 10sec ‘change’, can be see at:

Hot of the press, hope you find informative …….

For more info, check out: Menwith Hill – CND Yorkshire

There are also a number of reports on Indymedia and the like. Some appeals for witnesses to the police action, of course …..

Have just got back to Nottingham, after travelling back from RAF Menwith Hill.. Protest of a couple of thousand. Usual speeches etc. There was a carnival atmosphere with many people dressed in tin foil, music was provided by the Sheffield Samba Band and the Trollyd Soundsystem amoung others. Went for a march around the base. Various attempt made at trying to breach the fence. It did get a bit dynamic, with much pushing and shoving. There was a heavy police presence and several scuffles and some arrests. Some police in protective clothing and full kit!

Yet again, the police ‘evidence gatherers’ were out and about, filming the citizen, there assembed. They get to film you in a public place, you try and do it to them, and they don’t like it! Treatend with obstruction, pushed and shoved, poked in the ribs with his stick etc etc ………. Anyway, after all that, I pointed out I would be applying to North Yorkshire Police Data Protection Officer next week for a copy of the video tape that they produced during the day, being so entitled to a copy under the Data Protection Act. They didn’t like that either.

14 rolls of HP5 this time. Loads of work. Process and Scan tomorrow…… nite nite….

UK No War Radio stream

by mantee 7:54am Fri Mar 21 ’03


11-12am LIVE

CALL US with your news: 0795 2003528

Just got in from a day of actions and photography around Nottingham.

This morning, folks handed out leaflet, waved banners etc, at many of the main road junctions in town. Traffic chaos ensued, but that that was still much support.

A gathering was getting bigger in the Market Square from early on. Taking piccys for much of the afternoon. Got harrased by a policeman [again:-)] , who reckoned he had a right of privacy. Really! even when stood there, in uniform, in a public place. Anyway continued to record the scene ie, his harasement of a number of people and me. So I set him straight about the law. Silly man !!

Someone had thrown, and painted, red paint all over the Armed Forces Careers Office next to the Victoria Centre. office now shut.

At 5.00pm numbers gathering were vastly increased, few speeches etc. Quite a cross-section of folks there. Gathering on the Square, then suddenly became a march, an off we went, causing more traffic chaos around Nottingham. On getting to the Mansfield Road, in the centre of town, many hundreds sit down.

Have to process film and might get some piccys up of it all soon,

Main Stop the War page at:

But am also preparing for a mission the Menwith Hill, Yorkshire on saturday. So, doing my best…… Bed shortly, scanning and web work, tomorrow.

Well, we’re off!! Not much I can add really. You read the papers, and watch TV as well as I do.

For another point of view on it all, Indymedia are one of the most updated and up-to-date sites that there is. Please keep up with everything..

Protest and opposition is being reported on the ‘straight’ national media, and a few oppositional interviews are going out. BUT, it’s not in proportion to the scale of what’s happening in most towns and cities, across the country.

Not much new there then ……. !


Foil the Base 12.00, Sat 22nd March, 2003.

A day of peaceful creative direct action, music, speakers and a tour at US military base Menwith Hill, Yorkshire. Supported by CAAB and CND

Menwith Hill plays a crucial role in war on Iraq. As the largest electronic monitoring station in the world it picks up communications from satellites covering the Middle East it even won an award for its eavesdropping in the last Gulf War. It is the brains of any attack on Iraq.

Menwith is also a key base for the project of long-term military aggression – Star Wars.

To foil the base disrupt satellite signals at the base – there has to be as much foil in the air as possible. Bring foil kites, foil balloons, foil puppets and use your imagination!

All welcome.

Let’s make our demonstrations visible at the real heart of the military machine – if only a fraction of the people marching in London take action at military bases the war will become unworkable.

This time in March is the Spring Equinox the turning of the seasons when night and day are of equal length. It’s the time to celebrate life’s ability to regenerate, to de-legitimise the military system and transform our frustration into hope and active resistance for a better world.

For direct action training, for speakers on Star Wars and Menwith Hill, or to be a transport organiser for your area contact Neighbourhoods Opposing War (NOW) at

For those making their own way, Menwith Hill is off the A59, approx. 5 miles west of Harrogate. On ordnance survey maps, the grid reference is CP205570.

OS Map

Base Map

Legal Briefing

Terrorism information & advice:

In line with the Home Secretary’s commitment to provide clear, accessible information on terrorism, these pages contain new information and advice, and will be updated regularly.

We are providing details about the nature of the threat, guidance on personal protection, and detailed information about how Government works behind the scenes to protect you.

* * * * * *

I’m old enough now, to remember the dis-belief that many of us expressed, when we heard about the government plans for civil defence in the event of a nuclear blast. Such gems as putting brown tape over the windows, [that’s to deal with the nuclear heat blast]

When the Protect and Survive leaflet was released in 1980 its contents shocked many people and added to the general air of nuclear paranoia that peaked in the mid 80s. The fact that the government were actually preparing leaflets for distribution in the event of nuclear war made it obvious that they saw it as a real possibility. This inevitably influenced British culture of the time, including films, music and comedy.

Protect and Survive was a major influence for Raymond Briggs’ superb cartoon book and film “When the Wind Blows” (1986) the title for which was taken from the introduction to the leaflet.

…. and here it is, the original document. [really, have we come such a long way since then? me thinks not!]

Protect and Survive

This booklet tells you how to make your home and family as safe as possible under nuclear attack:

From: “Welford Camp”

Date: Tue Mar 18, 2003 4:40 pm

Subject: Anti-Terrorism Laws Used Against Peace Protestors

MEDIA RELEASE: Anti-Terrorism Laws Used Against Peace Protestors – 18th March 2003, for immediate release

Earlier today a protestor who had been staying at RAF Welford, Berkshire, as part of an anti-militarist camp was arrested under Section 58 of the

Terrorism Act 2000. Section 58 is a very serious offence which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. After being held at Newbury police station for

the whole day, she was released without charge.

The sole remaining occupant of the camp, Violeta Lass, was given an ultimatum by the police that she had to either pack up the whole camp and be driven away or she would be arrested.

She said: I had to pack up the whole camp on my own: a twenty person tent and three other tents, cooking equipment, food and personal belongings of my friends who had been arrested.

The police searched the camp and confiscated many items, including her mobile phone. When she asked the National Public Order Tactical Advisor who was present why they had taken her phone, he replied, “You’re not getting an answer”.

The behaviour of the police in this situation and their use of anti-terrorist laws to criminalise peace protestors is concerning. When the anti-terrorism laws were introduced many people feared they would be used to stifle peaceful protest and that is exactly what is happening.

The three activists who were arrested for conspiracy yesterday were charged with ‘going equipped’ and released last night. Throughout the camp at Welford and many other anti-war protests, the main tactic used by the police has been to arrest activists in order to bail them out of the area. Those three have been bailed away from RAF Welford and USAF Fairford, thereby putting an end to their peaceful protest.

For more information contact the group’s Media Officer, Kate Jackson on 07817 061183 or by email at welfordcamp@h…

Notes For Editors:

The protestors were camping near RAF Welford, Berkshire in order to watch the base round the clock and take direct action to stop bombs from being taken to Fairford.

RAF Welford is run as a satellite to Fairford by the 424th Air Base Squadron. The base’s primary mission is to support the bomber forward operating location at USAF Fairford. It is certain in the event of war on Iraq bombs will be taken from Welford to Fairford. Although Fairford has a small supply of bombs, once these have been used bombs from Welford will be transported by lorry to Fairford, 38 miles away.

Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000 says “A person commits an offence if-

(a) he collects or makes a record of information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, or

(b) he possesses a document or record containing information of that kind.”

From directactionagainstwar

Terrorism Act 2000 :: Section 58–g.htm#58

I think I see some problems for photographers here, as well as activists, in covering some of these matters. Watch this space …….. !!

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