Castlemortons Postman just dropped into my guestbook

My guestbook

Great site Tash. Good effort. I remember Castlemorton as being better than all the overrated, over regylated Glastonbury,s rolled into one. I’m from Malvern and eight years later found myself as Castlemorton Commons postman. I,d ask the customers about the festy and I can assure you their memories were,nt warm. Did I let on about my minor roll in the most hedonistic gathering in living memory? What do you think?

Brim Korea –

ay up Tash,nice one.Lovely to see some familiar faces and silly clothes again,T and i are having a right good browse through some of our past and ive spotted me stripey top peeping out from behind a bunch of gurners at sponge…..hooray.were now looking for T’s hobnail boots in a pile of mud in bath or derbyshire or sommink,but i don’t think she was ever there…..prove it T ,rival my stripey top!maybe see u around again soon.boing,vic and Tvic

nottm, UK –